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Basic Snowboarding Equipment : Snowboarding Accessories

Basic Snowboarding Equipment : Snowboarding Accessories

So other stuff you will need are goggles.
Goggles come in tons of different styles now. I’d say the most important thing now is what
lens color you choose and if you buy a pair of goggles I would say get three different
colors at least, clear is the best for night and when it is really snowing hard because
there is no light really at those times. You can get a mirror lens. I usually get one of
those and that is for when it is really really sunny out. You are not squinting your eyes
all day like me because I don’t have my goggles right now and you are going to want to get
a medium lens which is probably something like amber or rose and that is like right
in the middle there for those sunny days where you just want the sun to stay out of your
eyes a little bit and next I have got some wax here. There are many different kinds of
wax and this is a melt on wax that you melt on your board with an iron but you can buy
rub on wax as well. Gloves are something you are going to need obviously. Those aren’t
too too important. You don’t need to get snow board specific gloves but I would recommend
it because they do last longer than regular gloves and that is about it.

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