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Basic Snowboarding Equipment : Low-End Snowboard Bindings

Basic Snowboarding Equipment : Low-End Snowboard Bindings

Alright. Low end bindings are bindings usually
under $160. You’ll see plastic ratchets, you’ll see metal ratchets, depending on what manufacturer
you go with. You’ll see padded bases and you’ll see non-padded bases. Low end bindings, usually
do not have any high end materials like carbon fiber or carbon composite. There’s a lot of
different materials coming out. You won’t see aluminum that much under $160. A ramp
pad helps a lot where your front of your foot goes in your binding, it ramps your foot up
so that your toe edge will not dig in the snow when you’re making a toe turn. Look for
those definitely. Those should be built in. Something else to look for is adjustability.
You really want a lot of options with your bindings.

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