Basic Snowboarding Equipment : Freeride Snowboards

Alright, so the next board is a free ride
board, which is basically something that you use for the whole mountain when you go to
the resort. If you want to go to the park and use it in there it’ll work good. You can
use it in the half pipe, it’ll work good. You can use it on groomers, you can use it
on trails and it’ll work good. But it’s not a specific board. So it’s just an all around.
The construction’s different than freestyle or a pipe board or any other boards a little
bit, as far as the bolt patterns where your bindings go in, they will be usually set back
so the board is not center probably by an inch or two, which helps your turning. It’s
easier to turn. They’re stiffer than a freestyle board because you don’t need as much flex
when you’re trying to hold the turn and it doesn’t help you hold the turn. You’re going
to want to get usually a bigger free ride board because, usually they’re made bigger,
but a free ride board, you don’t need all the maneuverability and you want something
that will hold you, will hold an edge.

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