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my passion for the sport of barefoot
water skiing has never changed when i was thirteen years old a newspaper
reporter asked me what i wanted to do in the future i said i wanted to open up a ski
school in Florida, and become world champion Back in nineteen eighty seven i worked in a paper mill back in a small
northern new hampshire town just south of the canadian border and here we are over twenty five years
later in sunny winter haven florida and I am part of the largest barefoot waterskiing
school in the world and i’m coaching two of the greatest barefoot waterskiers thats EVER set foot on the water and all that is possible and was made possible because of one man Keith St. Onge KSO is a legend in the sport He is only one of 2 barefoot waterskiers in the history of the sport thats ever held all three World Records the first guys the legendary Brett Wing form Australia in the late 70s and early 80s and the other guy you guessed it. KSO is also the guy that invented the line step 360 which of course led to the line step 5s and 7s. And he’s the first guy thats ever done the line step 360 in tournament Keith has been the guy, you know, that was on the front cover of my school books when i was a young kid – 12 years old. He’s just always reatined that super star status within the sport. I mean hes thirteen time national overall champion, within the states, and he’s 10 time world champion, two of those being the overall title sometimes it’s just so surreal to be standing there on the dock, you know, competing with him when keith first approached me about joining ski schools i had mixed feeling. We’d been competing on the water for gohh i don’t know how many years, uhhh,we were going back and forth with titles and world records 3 years down the line the World Barefoot Center is now the top waterski school in the World, Keith’s a great friend, great skier, great person, it’s a pleasure to be around him every day I been doing this for 18 years now, since i was 10 years old, so its kind of, its just, its in my blood I love it, it’s what i enjoy, and i just gotta try to keep it going for as long as i can


  1. This is actually insane! Im trying to do stuff like this and share it with my viewers! Check it out!! PLEASE

  2. Cause you are watching a professional. It is easy for HIM to do these things, so you get that feeling from watching him.

  3. You are right. After practicing these moves thousands of times it does become easy but like most things in life…it takes practice.

  4. Use a boom, if you do not have a professional teaching you then sit on a knee board or wakeboard without the bindings and let you feet skim the water before standing up. It's best to learn at a ski school.

  5. Billy Nichols holds the World Record for the longest man to barefoot water ski so he is the best in that particular field.

  6. You are incorrect. The rope is longer than the engine by about two feet so if I fell the boat would continue to go forward and I would never be able to catch up to a boat going 44pmh. This video has several GoProMoments in it though. I wish Go Pro would use some of our video as we've sent them so much but maybe they think what we do is dangerous? Your thoughts?

  7. Ben Groen edits the World Barefoot Center's video's so World Barefoot Center is just as much his channel as the WBC's.

  8. Hey Keith I saw u win your first worlds (i think thats right) out in Washington and also got the pleasure of meeting you through Jon K. I was amazed then how easy you made it look. Would love to get to Florida in the winter months to do some skiing!

  9. We apologize for the audio but YouTube muted our original song. We will be buying the rights to it & disputing the mute.

  10. I met KSO in Crandon, WI back in 2006 for the figure 8 championship. Great guy ! I've been footin' behind Barefoot Sangers since 1990 . When I started watching this video I thought, man, that boat seems to be a Barefoot Sanger from the gelcoat package etc. By far the best barefooter I've ever seen and by far the best barefoot boat. Why in the world did Sanger Boats stop producing the Barefoot Sanger ? We have a 91 up here in Northern WI, along with a 94 DX II. Keep on footin !

  11. So amazingly cool! Ive started this year learning to barefoot, its difficult but really awesome! It gives me a real adrenaline kick! This Keith is a real legend!!!

  12. Doesn't hurt if you do it right. You need to be strong and fit. But if you fall… it depends how you fall, but that can really hurt haha

  13. YouTube muted the song we used. We have disputed it but it seems as though they aren't helping us resolve this issue.

  14. why do people think this is less cool than wakeboarding , wakeboarding may be more modern but this takes real men and real skill not just skateboarders who wanna get on the water

  15. Ron Scarpa, Mike Seipel, are the ones that started it! They didn't use 15 foot towers with long line, and the boom was less than 4 feet off the water. Try old school and see how you do. Master Craft with skipilon in front of motor next to driver.

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