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Awesome Snowmobile Videos | Nissan 370Zki

Awesome Snowmobile Videos  | Nissan 370Zki

The 370Zki is the end result of asking “what
would happen if we turned a sports car into a snowmobile?”
Simply put, Nissan took a standard 370Z Roadster and replaced
the wheels with skis and four-foot long, 15-inch wide tracks from American Track Truck,
the same supplier that equipped the Winter Warrior trio.
They then tinted the headlights and covered the car in a bright orange wrap
from Icon Image Graphics to make it pop against the backdrop of snow
and evergreens. A custom lift kit raised the Z three inches,
providing just enough room for the rear tracks to clear the wheel wells.
The front suspension was fitted with adaptors to give the skis enough travel
and rotation. Unlike the Winter Warrior vehicles,
the 370Zki has a reasonable turning radius. The engine and transmission mounts were custom
fabricated and a skid plate was added to keep the 3.7-liter
332 horsepower V6’s guts from spilling out like a lightsabered tauntaun.
Out back there are custom mounts for the rear springs,
rerouted brake lines and a new fitment for the exhaust system.

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