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Atomic Factory SL 2012 Slalom Ski Review

Atomic Factory SL 2012 Slalom Ski Review

Russ from Atomic is very kindly going to let
us take out these FIS Slalom skis what can you tell us about these skis? Well this is the world cup product. So this
is the, the exact same ski that all our top end athletes will use on the world cup circuit
through out the year. The ski at the moment is doing very very well, we’ve changed the
construction from what we had in the past so it’s a new ski here with a new binding
on it as well to get more drive through the ski. OK and it’s a bit of a secret, secret model
I hear? It is, I’d love to tell you exactly what
goes into the product and what it’s made of… But you’d have to kill me? They won’t even tell me. OK So, this is only known by the guys in the
race department. I think it’s the same with all the manufacturers, we try and keep things
a little bit secret with these skis its your own recipe… Just to stay one step ahead of the competition. Absolutely, yeah Well I’ll give them a go, I’ll tell you
what I think. Great stuff, go and enjoy them Perfect Thank you What an amazing ski. A lot of fun to ski on
and you can generate a huge amount of power and energy through the turn. If you get caught
slightly in the back seat you’re really going to know about it. But such grip, such
power, and really able to hold the turn and create some amazing angles. I’m going to
see if I can keep them.

29 thoughts on “Atomic Factory SL 2012 Slalom Ski Review”

  1. @smicha7 Hi smicha7, good to hear from you again. My boots have a flex of 150, I ski the same boots on and off piste.

  2. Ну что же все никак не получается прокатить резаного поворот

  3. While this vid appears to be more of an Atomic commercial than a true review I watched it like 10 times anyway just cause I love watching u ski 🙂
    PS. O, and the song is pretty nice too.

  4. Thanks for the compliment, pleased you like the films I know it sounds a bit like an advert but I genuinely did think the skis were exceptionally good.

  5. A Factory race ski is a lot stiffer flex wise and torsionally.I would say for a general ski that performs well on piste a slalom ski may not be the best bet. Something like the Volkl Code or a Nordica Spitfire pro,will perform on piste exceptionally well but will be a little bit more versatile. Glad you like the channel hope this helps.

  6. I've been skiing nearly 30 years which makes me feel a little old, I live and ski in Serre Chevalier in the southern French Alps. Thanks for your kind words.

  7. I'm going to buy a set of new skis. I am opting for 3 SL skis.
    Volkl Racetiger, Atomic D2 or Atomic Edge.
    Any recommendations?

  8. The more I work and improve on my ski the more I realize what a great skier this guy is. You can see all the fundamentals in expert skiing on his movements. Absolutely amazing flow

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