Atomic Bent Chetler 100 – 2020 Ski Review

Hi I’m Nick. Head ski tester and ski
buyer for Snowtrax ski and snowboard store. I’m going to talk to you today
about the the brand new or new graphic update on the Atomic Bent Chetler 100 This last season was one of our hottest
selling skis! Right at the start of season lots of people interested in it
as a brand new product last year and feedback from people that bought it and
all of our test team is it’s just a fun really playful ski! So the big update
anybody that’s sort of seen the review from the last season or already knows a
bit about it the big update is just the graphic so internally the skis is being
kept the same but everybody that looks as this has been like “wow what a great
job they’re done with a graphic update!” keeping this sort of matte look
but the pop on the sidewalls. We were out ski testing this earlier in the year and
you know people were like what’s that ski you on that’s really cool so
definitely getting a big thumbs up on the graphics. I’ll just go and go back
over the sort of tech and what makes it such a good ski so as it says Bent
Chetler 100 refers to the hundred mill underfoot so 100 mil really good for a
bit of everything so you can still carve around on the piste but you know you can
get this into the park into the backcountry it’s gonna do a bit of
everything. One of the reasons this ski has been so popular he’s down to the
weight it’s very very light! It’s a poplar wood core which is nice and
strong it gives loads of pop and bounce and loads of feedback but it’s not super
heavy and that just you know makes it really really fun to ski on. The shape of
the ski it’s a directional shape so the tip it is a little bit wider than at the
tail and that just gives you a really pointed feeling but you can you know you
can ride it switch it’s no problem at all but it is that slight directional
shape the other thing to notice is the rocker on the ski there’s slightly more
rocker in the tip than there is in the tail so it just means that the tail out
of the turns just gives you plenty of bite and performance
it doesn’t feel wishy washy at all which you can find on some
of the sort of more free ski skis, but this is definitely feels very
very planted and you can thrash it around no problems at all.
You’ve got the horizon Tech and both the tip in the tail so you can see that here
hopefully on the camera not only does this nice you know high shovell work
really well off piste but the main idea of this is for buttering and
jibing around so you’ve got the flat platform here to launch off. Works
really really well but as I said feedback on this actually fantastic! So
the one thing I would say about this ski having tested it and it’s pretty much
the same as most people that have tried it some of our staff and testing people
that bought the ski last year is it just changes your mentality of what you’re
doing on the mountain just every little bump you just want to jump off it
explore the mountain have loads of fun and that’s I think the real big draw of
this ski you don’t just ski down and do some
turns it just makes you want to explore and play around and I think that’s the
whole you know the idea of the Bent Chetler certainly the 100 width is it’s just
for anyone that enjoys skiing and just wants to get out there and thrash
around something that is going to perform on the piste but also give you
lots of pop and the ability to go and play around. I don’t think they’re gonna
hang around long in the store this season but if you need a steer on a
little bit more information on it then do give us a call
most people tend to ring up and ask about what size is right to them and as
I say most of these videos that it is very dependent on on you as a skier as
well as you know so you weight you’re height, ability that kind of thing so
it’s often good to give us a call and have a chat about it and then we can
steer you in the right direction but yeah I think these are going to be a
very hot ski for the 19 20 winter season

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