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Andy goes top to bottom at Niseko Moiwa – S-LOG 2020 Day 18

Andy goes top to bottom at Niseko Moiwa – S-LOG 2020 Day 18

today’s board choice was the Gentem
stick chaser love this board got a tuned up waxed to perfection very fast carbs
great whoo and I needed it today to keep up with Andy good morning everybody how
you doing today it is a beautiful beautiful blue sky day
I’m back out in the Seco snow levels are low as always but I don’t really care
because it’s it’s so beautiful good the air is fresh today here in the cycle k2
and ride are having a board demo so I thought I’d go and check that out
maybe link up with somebody to take a run and cruise around and I mentioned that it’s a really
beautiful day today I did right yeah I do ladies feel all those enables Oh God
oh honey Maggie must be on that hello and welcome to the commercial
break this is Neil’s gear room I want introduce a fantastic product I’m
already using their gloves heated gloves we have Bank number one and bag number
two both from or oral this commercial is not being paid for and it was not even
asked for I’m doing this because I think it’s a good thing and I think you should
know about it what have we got here it’s a jacket boys and girls black goes well
with everything the batteries come in this nice little box and in this
slightly larger box there is a charger nice smooth rubberized kind of matte
black case that it’s built into I really like that there are the connections on
the top you charge it with a USB see it also has a USB output so you could
charge your phone zip it up even has a nice little hood this is a u.s. a medium
fits me kind of perfect for like city outings I would say this would be a
perfect fit I could probably wear a large size if I want a little more baggy
look but medium definitely works good long hold down and it lights up
so this one is incognito why is that kind of so warm you’ve got this
pulsating heat turn surrounding your upper torso maximum smart warm you know
it’s good when it’s maximum returns will only be accepted if this tag is attached
damn I took it off already there’s some heat coming on my back right there back
and chest feels like the main heat points oh that’s kind of comfortable
there’s the control switch it’s on the high sitting right now that’s the high
setting then you have a medium and then there’s a look so depending on how hot
you want it or how long you want the battery will
you can adjust the settings this is also very nice classic American styling I
must say put on this one as well battery and charger included with every
purchase if you like what you see please go to aurora we’re calm check out their
whole line of products everything in there looks great heated comes with the
battery you’re ready to go as soon as you get it they ship anywhere in the
world please check out their products and pick something up if you live in a
cold place and you need a little help with your heating comes with a nice bag
too and now we return you to our regularly
scheduled programming yeah well city never thought I’d throw
in a cool little shot at my van it’s calm the wind
you have your hands out with no gloves look at this these ticking I’m too
pretty to peek and the resort boy you eyes over there it’s just a gorgeous
afternoon and I had to kind of stop it take a couple photos will be here on the
other side of the road farmland probably potatoes in the summer
home Boudicca in the background there and go to everyone’s favorite the nice
my car dear ma you know into 2x love the best
block of snow circle and I love the school culture with a plethora real hard

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  1. Really enjoying your videos! Heading to Niseko on the 9th, hopefully the flick switches on and there's a massive dump during or before my stay!

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