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AMSOIL Tech Tips: Adjusting the Track on your Snowmobile

AMSOIL Tech Tips: Adjusting the Track on your Snowmobile

>>Hi. I’m Len Groom. Welcome to Tech Tips. There’s a lot of question out there about
how to properly adjust my snowmobile track, so today we’ll show you how to do it. The first thing you need to do is
lift the snowmobile off the ground. Since the track will spin for this,
make sure that it is securely hoisted. The next thing we want to
do is loosen the rear axle. There’s going to be a bolt on either
side, depending on the snowmobile. You need to get both of those bolts loose. You can’t do it one at a time. Generally, you will have to put a
wrench on each side and loosen the axle. The next thing you need to do
is check your current tension. Is the track too tight? Is the track too loose? We need to make a determination of
whether or not it needs to be adjusted. Once you’ve made your determination, you
can go ahead and loosen your adjuster bolts. As you can see here, you need to
back the jam nuts off on both sides. Give them a little spin;
get them out of the way. As you can see here, the track on
this snowmobile needs to be tightened. To tighten the track, you need to go on
the bolts on either side of the axle, turn those clockwise or tighten them. Keep your eye on the track. You want to look at the distance
from the track to the slide. As you tighten it, you’ll see the track
start to rise up towards that slide. That means you’re getting close. So you need to make a determination at
this point of how tight you want to go. Give it a few turns on either side, and then
you want to kind of check with your hand. At that point, if we feel we’re close, we’re
going to take a measurement 16 inches in front of the rear axle is what the
book says for this model. Once we’ve determined that spot, we want to
push down with about 10 pounds of pressure. And you’re looking for 3/8 to 1/2
inch of distance between the track and the rear slide while
applying 10 pounds of pressure. You can guess at 10 pounds. In the case, we actually have
a tool that will let us know that we’re pushing down with
10 pounds of pressure. We made a small adjustment. We’re going to check it again,
make sure that were close. It looks like we are in spec at this point. You want to move over and do the same
procedure on the other side of the snowmobile. Once we’ve determined that the track
is within spec, we want to make sure that the axle is square and
that the track is aligned. A quick check would be to measure from your
adjustment block to a fixed point on your slide. In this case, you can see we’re using
that window in the rail as a reference. You need to make sure that the track is aligned. And, to do that, you take a look
at the position of the track clip to the actual plastic slide of the snowmobile. First thing you need to do is start it
up, and you need to rotate the track. So we’re going to rotate the track here. That will take into account
the adjustment we just made, and the track will find its own alignment. In this case, you look at the position
of the track clip to the slide. What we can see here is that the
track has shifted in one direction. There’s more space on the
close side versus the far side, so we need to push the track away from us. Now, the angle of the axle
is going to do that for us. We can either tighten this close
side or we can loosen the far side. In this case, we’ve chosen to
loosen the far side of the axle. That means that the axle
angle is going to shift, and that is going to push
the track away from us. And that’s what we want. We make our adjustment. We’re going to make sure
we rotate the track again. We’re going to check our distance
between our track clip and our slide. As you can see, there’s an equal distance. That means that our track is aligned. At this point, what you could do is
go ahead and run your jam nuts down. Make sure those are tight. Get both sides. Then you need to remember
to tighten your axle bolts. Once the axle bolts are tight,
that axle can’t shift anymore. Sometimes people forget to do this. You want to make sure you get
that axle bolt good and tight. Check both sides just to be sure. There you have it. Those are the basic steps
required to adjust your track. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you next time.

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