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Alpine Snowboards – Testing On Loveland Pass

Alpine Snowboards – Testing On Loveland Pass

Hi I’m Sean Martin President and Founder
of Donek Snowboards up here today on top of Loveland Pass and we’re gonna do a little
back country riding we spend a couple hours over at A Basin but the snow wasn’t conducive
to testing alpine boards luckily we have some new powder boards we’re testing so we’re
gonna do a couple runs back here and see what its likely actually Marks down once since
its really nice so maybe we’ll get some footage on our way down well I’ve convinced
Sean to shred the nar at Loveland Pass.

2 thoughts on “Alpine Snowboards – Testing On Loveland Pass”

  1. @maytag1963 very little. They are powder board to be ridden with soft or hard boots. Unlike most powder boards, we have provided the structure to support an alpine binding.

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