Alpine Lake RV Resort (Thousand Trails)

– Hey this is Crystal from
Chase Your Wanderlust. We’re here in Corinth, New
York at Alpine Lake RV Resort. We’re here for two weeks
and we’re gonna delve into everything that
the resort has to offer. It’s located in the
foothills of the Adirondacks and it’s pretty close to
Saratoga Springs and Lake George, perfect destination for summer. With lots of hiking,
biking, and water sports, what’s not to love. (upbeat intro music) (calming music) – [Aaron] Alpine Lake RV Resort
is a beautiful RV Resort, located near Lake George
and Saratoga Springs, NY in a little tiny town called Corinth. It’s a beautiful facility
and it’s probably one of the nicer parks
in the Thousand Trails Trails Collection. As Crystal said we got to
spend two weeks in the park and check out a lot of
what the park had to offer as well as the surrounding area. Alpine Lake RV Resort has a
lot of different amentities, in fact I won’t try to list them all here simply because they are
all listed on the website, but needless to say you’re
not going to get bored anytime soon and if you
bring the kids along I guarantee you’re gonna be able to find something fun for them to do as well. I have visted many different resorts in the Thousand Trail system
and the Trails Collection, I was really surprised at just
how active this RV camp was, I mean the resort just had a lot going on, in fact, most of the “resorts”
in the Thousand Trails system don’t really resemble resorts, they’re more just kind
of quiet, sleepy, old, and sometimes dilapidated RV parks. Now we love them and I like
the old dilapidated parks as much as the new ones, but in this case, this is not that at all, in fact, this is a hopping place
where there’s lots going on, lots of activities,
people all over the place, and this place really
fills up on the weekend. I have visited many
different resorts in the Thousand Trail system and
the Trails Collection, I was really surprised at just
how active this RV camp was, I mean the resort just had a lot going on, in fact, most of the “resorts”
in the Thousand Trails system don’t really resemble resorts, they’re more just kind
of quiet, sleepy, old, and sometimes dilapidated RV parks. Now we love them and I like
the old dilapidated parks as much as the new ones, but in this case, this is not that at all, in fact, this is a hopping place
where there’s lots going on, lots of activities,
people all over the place, and this place really
fills up on the weekend. Now the seasonal sites here
are a little close together but I was really impressed
with all of the sites, if you’re just coming for a week or two they were really nice and quite big. – Let’s talk about
everyone’s favorite subject, the bathrooms. Bathrooms here left a
little to be desired, the showers were not in
all of the bathrooms, there’s only one shower house, it’s located in the same
building as the laundry room. So even though this park is huge there’s only one set of
showers, that we found anyway. And the showers were not kept
to the highest standards, in terms of cleanliness, did
leave a bit to be desired, they also have no controls
for cold and hot water, so when you’re showering little ones and the water comes out really hot, you can’t change it which kind of stinks, and the other thing that I
really disliked about the showers is that you have to start the
shower from outside the stall, you turn the dial it gives you 5 minutes, and then it shuts off,
and then you have to go outside the stall to turn it again. So you may get a little more comfortable with your fellow campers than you’d like. But who doesn’t love being naked in front of strangers, right? (laughing) (calming music) – [Aaron] Besides the busy weekends we had our whole section to ourselves. Lots of room around us and we just weren’t crunched
up against anybody, like a giant RV parking lot that many of us find ourselves
in all too regularly. The trails for the kids were awesome, wonderful to be able to get
out there and get in nature and work off some of that energy. This area of New York
is absolutely stunning, it’s hard to believe this
is a crazy winter wonderland only a few months ago. So Alpine Lake is pretty small, it’s actually only 16 acres and it’s surrounded by RV sites. However, right next door, and literally just a stone’s throw away
is actually Woodland Lake, which is 73 acres, and
there’s a boat launch there, and you can easily put
a bass boat in there, and take it out and do some bass fishing. Or go out and do something that you do want a more traditional lake, because it’s a much larger body of water, and it’s just as easily
accessible from the campgrounds. If you’re looking to bring
a big group of people to a campground, this place is actually very well suited for that kind of a thing. They’ve got ton of tent sites
and also tons of RV sites, but beyond that they have
things like a baseball diamond, they have a giant pavilion, they’ve got their own restaurants, they could actually cater food. There’s all kinds of things
here that really make it very well suited to bring a rally, or to bring a large group
of people to a campground whether it’s for the weekend
or for the entire month. – This seems like a very
family centric park, there’s lots of families, and lots to do. Lots of activities
going on on the weekends and kids every where. If you’re looking to make some
new friends for the summer this is a great place to come. – So we are in the middle of August, literally almost the middle of August, and it is so stinking nice here, I almost wanted to put a sweatshirt on, as someone who is used to
spending his summers in the South, or the West Coast, or the
Southwest, or the Midwest, this is absolutely wonderful weather, so if you’re looking to
come here in the summertime and you’re worried it’s
going to be too hot to camp or too hot to be out in the RV, I mean I see why people come here, because the weather here, even in the hottest month of the year, is just absolutely fantastic. Now I’m sure that that’s gonna differ, there’s gonna be hotter
days and cooler days, but in general being here in August and seeing this kind of weather, I mean guys if you’re down in Florida and you’re thinking about coming up here to Lake George area, or
you’re just trying to get out of the heat of the south, this is definitely somewhere to come. With Thousand Trails system
there’s all kinds of parks you can get access to as part
of The Trails Collection, pay an additional fee and you
get access to a whole bunch of encore parks around the country. Now many of those are
going to be 55 and older, so our family wouldn’t be
able to go visit those, but we do take advantage
of them when we can. A few of the parks are
actually a Premium Park which means you pay extra to be here, so even with our Thousand
Trails membership and the added Trails
Collection membership, we still had to pay a $20 a night premium to be at this park. Now is this park worth the $20 premium? First off, I’d say if
you’re looking for somewhere that’s really nice and you’re
expecting it to be really nice for that $20, you’re not
going to be disappointed when you get here, this
is a beautiful place, plenty of amentities, it’s
definitely one on the higher end of the RV resorts that we’ve seen in the Encore Thousand
Trails system. Period. Like I said, our family
has enjoyed lots of Thousands Trails parks and Encore parks, that we didn’t have to pay
anything extra to stay at, but this park is particularly nice. So if you’re wanting to
go to Saratoga Springs for some reason, or you
want to be near Lake George, or you’re just wanting to
see this part of New York, this is definitely a good option, especially at $20 a night, you’re not going to find anything else like that in this area. In terms of lake front RV parks, we stay at a lot of lakes, in fact, Thousand Trails is a great
option with all their parks because so many of their
are in front of lakes or near water and we love that and we try to take advantage of that, on a scale of 1 to 10,
where I would put this lake, is I would say this feels
more like a man made lake you’d find in maybe a city, like a private development community, it doesn’t feel quite like
we’re out in the wilderness or nature like some of the
other places we’ve been, coming just out of Maine,
at our last location, where we were around a whole
bunch of natural water, this doesn’t quite feel like that, this feels much more
like a contrived lake. If that’s what you’re after, if you want something more manicured, that the gardner has definitely
been out there keeping up and they’ve really got
everything just turned into a more suburban setting, then this is definitely
gonna be the park for you. Something we were really
surprised but excited to see, on our way in here was actually a tank, and I don’t mean a tank like
a tank you hold water in, or a tank that you hold your fuel in, I mean a tank like, drive
around, blow stuff up, war tank. Like a M1 Abrams kind of tank. Now this wasn’t a M1 Abrams,
it was actually a M60. M60 right? – [Crystal] I think so – We think so. This was an old tank
like you’d see from the Korean or Vietnam Era. You see this tank on the road
just before you get here, so me being a nerd with my kids, being excited about anything
interesting like that, we said “oh look there’s a
tank, that’s really cool, we’ll have to go check it out”. So we did and I was pleasantly surprised to find that they actually
have a Memorial there for the Veterans in town. Beautiful little memorial set up, they got the names of the
people in this town of Corinth who have actually given their lives in service of our country
and they have a tank there in this beautiful garden setting. It reads on the plaque it’s
actually a private park established by the lake here, so this community actually put up their own Veterans Memorial for
the town that we’re in. That just speaks volumes of the character of the people that are here. That was really cool. I haven’t seen that at other RV parks to have their own Memorial for Veterans. It shows they really
care about their Veterans in a way that they put their
dollars where their mouth is, ya know as someone who
definitely supports Veterans and has Veterans in this family,
I myself have never served but I think that it’s important
that we support Veterans and it was a great opportunity
for me to take my kids and explain to them why
we’re visiting this place and why it wasn’t a playground, where it’s a place we
had to show some respect and honor the memories of
those people who served and come before us to create
the beautiful freedoms that we all get to enjoy. So I thought that was really unique that something they had
here that really was cool. So if you’re coming here
and you’re gonna stay definitely watch out for the tank, you can’t miss it, it’s
on the side of the road, and go and pay respects
to the men who served that came from here and lost their lives in service for our country. – As a mom of littles you’ve
probably spend a lot of time doing laundry, at least I do, there’s always a mountain of laundry. So they do have a laundry
room here at the resort and it’s actually a really nice one, they have high efficiency washers, there were a ton of them, and lots of dryers too,
that actually work. None of the machines were out of order, nice big room, I think one
other couple came in to use it while we were there, so it was excellent. Excellent laundry facilities. They do have some spots for people like us who are just passing through, but it seems like this
park is primarily seasonal, a lot ofpeople are
staying here all season. Our campsite is spacious, it has a picnic table and a fire ring, lots of shade and
beautiful trees everywhere. We’re not too close to our neighbors and we were lucky enough
not to get one of the spots directly under the huge power lines. Like some of the parks
that we’ve stayed at the RV resort is beautiful but the town just outside the gate is not somewhere you’d want
to be caught after dark. From our experiences in Corinth, I would encourage you to
drive down to Saratoga Springs if you need to stop at a grocery store. It seems like most of
the spots where we are are pull through spots. It’s amazing how many seasonal
sites there actually are here hundreds and hundreds of seasonal
RV’s every where you look. If you’re looking for a
community of people to spend the season with this might
be the desitination for you. If you’re like us and
you’re just passing through you should realize it’s gonna
get very busy on the weekends, but during the week it’s not bad. The lake itself is beautiful, but the beach section left
a little to be desired. The cool thing is you
can rent paddleboards, and boats, and kayaks,
and get out on the water while you’re here. If you’re into fishing,
it’s catch and release. – Let’s talk about a little
bit of hot button issue, something that’s gonna
probably make some people upset and inform others, now
traveling to all the different parts of the country, having
traveled in the Southwest, in the Midwest, in the
South, and now the Northeast, you get to feel that
there’s different culture, different people every where you go. They all have their own
kind of flavor and culture and ways of communicating
and the only thing I will say about this
area in the Northeast that I have’t really enjoyed is kind of the local attitude of people here. It’s just not the friendliest
place I have ever been, now of course there have
been plenty of exceptions that where people have
been amazingly friendly and smiled and been great,
and I wouldn’t assume everyone here is like that, but
I’ll just say that the Northeast is probably
not the friendliest place I’ve ever been and this area
of New York in comparison to where we were just at in
Maine or even in Massachusetts is far less friendly an area, I don’t know what that’s about. All in all we really enjoyed this trip, in fact our kids had a blast, and we would definitely come
back to visit this park again. Our kids had lots of
fun with the live music on the weekends and meeting
other children on the playground and the campers to us were really nice. It was just a good time. If you’re looking to
visit Saratoga Springs, you want to go to the races, or you want to see the history, you want to go sit in the springs, that’s a really neat,
interesting, very unique place. You’re just itching to get there, this is a great spot
for you to come and stay and go visit, because we’re
really just right down the road except we’re kind of out of the mix of the hustle and bustle of everything in this beautiful natural area with all these gorgeous trees on a lake and the resort has every kind of amenity that you’re gonna want to have. If you’re a Rver and you’re looking to come to Saratoga Springs, I would say that this
is probably the place that should be on the top of your list. Bottomline we really like this park and we think that you will too. If you’d like to follow
our family on our journey as we travel across the
country and North America exploring new areas
and meeting new people, and having fun new expereinces, subscribe to our channel, come follow us and find us
Facebook and chat with us, and as always chase your wanderlust.

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