13 thoughts on “Alpine KTP-445U Power Pack Overview | Crutchfield Video”

  1. @Kuhliifa Yes. Once the product becomes available, you will be able to use it with almost any factory or aftermarket car stereo. Feel free to call for additional assistance: 800.315.0030–Crutchfield

  2. @Kuhliifa No ETA for the product as of yet. It is available for pre-order (phone only) from us right now. Once we have specific information regarding availability, we will begin to take pre-orders for the product on the Crutchfield website as well: 800.315.0030–Crutchfield

  3. this says rca or speaker level connections, does that mean it has just a wire with no connection on the end that a person is supposed to splice to factory wireing?

  4. If you are referring to the input side, Alpine provides an input harness with two pairs of (front/rear) RCA connections for use with an aftermarket stereo. For connection to a factory stereo (that does not offer RCA pre-outs) you can cut off the RCA input plugs for wiring to the factory amplified speaker wires. You can also use speaker wire to RCA adapters (sold separately). Feel free to call for additional assistance: 800.315.0030–Crutchfield

  5. Because your CDE-122 only offers a single pair of RCA pre-amp outputs, your best bet is to cut off the included low-level/speaker-level input harness' RCA connectors and connect the KTP-445U to your source unit's front & rear speaker outputs. HTH!–Crutchfield

  6. The new KTP-445A offers an Alpine specific connection harness for use with compatible Alpine stereos. Your CDE-122 is listed as a compatible model. HTH!–Crutchfield

  7. We are taking pre-orders for it now. ETA for our first delivery is 5/10/13. You will find the product on the main Crutchfield website by typing our item number for it (500KTP445A) into the search window at the top of our page. Feel free to call for additional assistance: 800.315.0030–Crutchfield

  8. I have a CDE-HD149BT.  I would like to hook this up, but I wonder if has the same harness available as the KTP-445 to make things ultra easy…..

  9. I just bought this amp it worked fine for 1 song then it stopped idk what happened….I have it hooked up to my oem radio 2014 silverado I cut the wires from the head unit and connected them to the pig tail to the amp then from the amp pig tail to the speaker wires I taped into the power from the oem radio then chasis grounded it I had no room behind the dash so ended up adding extension wire about 12in about the same length as the pig tail I read since the factory unit had an ignition switch I didn't need a remote wire also the yellow cable has an in line fuse holder for 15amp but no fuse is in the there??? the amps fuse is good and I've doubled checked if all my wires are cried good.. any suggestions

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