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Alpine Flea Control Spray | ePestSolutions

Alpine Flea Control Spray | ePestSolutions

Hi, I�m Victoria of ePestSolutions. Today,
I’m going to talk to you about flea control on the inside aerosol. There is a product
called Alpine. It�s a reduced risk product but also still contains the adulticide, which
kills the adult fleas and also contains IGR, which controls the life cycles of fleas. You
do want to vacuum before you apply this product. Vacuuming will help loosen up some of the
eggs and also suck up some of those fleas that are already there and loosen them up
in the area. This is an upside down aerosol. You do use it in a sleep-like motion. It does
apply it to 2,600 feet. You start from the back of the home to the front of the home.
Once you’re going to apply, you leave the house for a couple hours. After leaving the
house, whenever you come back to the house, the product should be completely dry. After
drying, we recommend that you vacuum at least two or three times during the week. After
14-15 days, reapply but make sure vacuum before you reapply. After be applying, that should
get the rest of them and really get it all cleaned up.
This product is really good especially for pet owners. For pet owners, you might want
to always want to try to keep one of these one at hand because never know what happens
especially in those warm seasons fleas are everywhere.
My name is Victoria. This is a very cost-effective a product. It’s very cheap. You could get
it. We�re giving you free shipping. We do shipping the same day. My name is Victoria.
Please give us a call or visit us online at

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