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Alpine A110 – Our new show car for 2019 – RaceChip

Alpine A110 – Our new show car for 2019 – RaceChip

It’s looking really good. I thought it was looking really good on pictures, but now in real life it looks even better. You were not a fan of the design. I didn’t like the design first, but now in real life it looks really good. The design elements also remind me a bit of a Porsche 911. Even though you shouldn’t say that loud. Just a bit. Maybe a little bit Yeah sure, it is also a sports car with a round body design. There are some similarities, but since this is a mid engine and not a rear engine. You definitely see the difference, because it is a different engine concept. The engine of the 911 is directly at the back. Where is the key? Do you have it? Oh, one moment. The seat is quite comfortable. But I love the new car scent. What’s also great, that the paddle shifters are mounted up here. Because in some cars the paddles are a little bit lower. That way it is more difficult to shift. Another great thing, the paddles are at a fixed position and are not mounted at the steering wheel. So they don’t turn around while steering. I like that a lot, so you can remember where the paddles are located in a turn. So, you don’t have to change the grip at the steering wheel in a strange way, I am really pumped about the car now. Me not, because I already liked it before. I am only confirmed

7 thoughts on “Alpine A110 – Our new show car for 2019 – RaceChip”

  1. Great little sports car! But careful with the Lotus diss 😉 It doesn't beat the Lotus Evora in comfort. Yes, the Evora is 300kg heavier but its a V6 with 400+ horses. So let's compare again after the performance tuning.

  2. Bin gespannt was Ihr mit den Wagen machen wird. Hab eins gekauft nach 2x 911, kann nicht warten bis es geliefert wird.
    Wird aber warscheinlich nichts am meinen ändern, Die scheint schon für strassenwerkehr geil zu sein. Will ja auch kein 718 davon machen, möchte gern den fahrspass nicht verlieren die es stock mit sich hat. 😉

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