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Alexandra Trusova is ready for the Rostelecom Cup 2019

Alexandra Trusova is ready for the Rostelecom Cup 2019

Today the ice will become hot. The 5th stage of the Grand Prix series will be held in Moscow. The Quad Queen Alexandra Trusova missed the home. Sasha made the jumping revolution at the Grand Prix in Canada in the image of the mother of dragons Daenerys Targaryen. Emilia Clark appreciated the skill of Sasha and sent her greetings. In the kingdom of Trusova, a reliable support, two brothers, they will root for her tonight. As well as her home dragon. Chihuahua Tina understands something in fashion, especially for her sew dresses like Sasha’s. For the competition, Sasha and Tina pack their suitcases together. In Canada, Trusova was unable to walk past the pet store. Good stroller, you have to buy.

11 thoughts on “Alexandra Trusova is ready for the Rostelecom Cup 2019”

  1. Евгений Баратынский написал это для Саши:


    Всё мысль да мысль!

    Художник бедный слова!

    О жрец ее! тебе забвенья нет;

    Всё тут, да: тут и человек, и свет,

    И смерть, и жизнь,

    И правда без покрова.

    Резец, орган, кисть!

    счастлив, кто влеком

    К ним чувственным,

    за грань их не ступая!

    Есть хмель ему на празднике мирском!

    Но пред тобой, как пред нагим мечом,

    Мысль, острый луч!


    жизнь земная.


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