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Kitzsteinhorn, filming a vlog Good morning, once again from Saalbach in Austria Got some company from 3 dudes Whom will show me how its done in the park We have Albin behind the camera, I will show him later, I have too much stuff in my hands right now Then we have Felix and Linus Whom are rad in the park It will be interesting to see what they can do super stoked, ha? Yesman And today I think we can get some tanning because its supposed to be sunny all day Why we are walking is because we are taking the car to Kitzsteinhorn, the glacier Its about 45min from here Lots of ice I’ll take the camera so they know who’s behind it Here we have the best guy I know on rails and the tallest skier I know the best part about him being tall is that he gets to put the stuff in to the skidbox YEEEES This is what you do when Emil invite you over I just realized that I forgot my poles Good that you have this one rear window wiper Or what its called window wiper Now we are quickly going in to pick up ski passes for the boys Ey Emil, nice shades you got there! Ay thanks a lot! Will we get a ticket now? We run in and pick up passes quick And the police station is there too You are not allowed to park there Its only for the people working there So, now we have ski tickets Now I think its time to head up to the mountain Or what do you say? wer are creating kaos directly Lets go! Look at this weather, its so good Something that I’ve been getting a lot of comments about are these goggles On DM and here on Youtube So I think its a perfect timing to tell you that I am collaborating with Chimi And this video is a collaboration with them And I will do it all winter Im very happy about that! Because I must be honest and tell you that they are really good Chimi started doing ski goggles this year They have been doing sunglasses for a while I am very impressed by how good contrasts I get Especially with this lense I think this one works for all conditions and type of weather When its sunny it works and when its flat light, for example in shady parts I still see a lot of contours And a nice thing about Chimi is that you always get two lenses And they are stuck by magnets, so you can easily swap the lease like this So they are really sick I like that you can change lenses super fast So when its really dark you got a lighter lense Super stoked about that! Really like their stuff So if you want to check them out, there is a link in bio for these goggles! When you do that, we head up to ski! Lets go! Im not the best park skier And I got new skis that aren’t very easy in the park. They are a bit stiffer than regular skis Im going tio test doing some piste racing turns Just because its so da*n nice! the piste is rock hard, every cold and nice And then I was thinking.. You who watch this, please leave a LIKE! The last videos have gotten so many And it really warms my heart! I know a lot of you will complain about the skiing piste with abs backpack But this This is for you You were soooo close to me! That was sick! Its so dreamy You who haven’t been here before, what are your thoughts? I think its very nice Wait, I just have to take these ugly ones off Or no, I keep them It seems like a good place, we haven’t been around every where But it feels like you can get some nice powder turns You can ski park, good long piste runs Exactly The best part about going here is Its almost always cold snow Because its 3000m up Now we are going tio the park to see how its going for the boys Where have you been? secret business its a bit tricky Its very hard Hard and flat, so you don’t get that much speed Lets see, cameraman who rails Finally! The boring part is that you are too good so I don’t get to laugh as much You never fall We are here in Kitzsteinhorn Filming a vlog Are you going to steal my channel now? My muscles are getting sore hahah FELKAN Lets see if you can do a 720 Its a challenge I will nail it first try Oh, confident guy Lets see if we can do a 720 here, on order. First run Ay you got it? nah, I landed on my back.. But still, you did it! Up to now, a very nice day Its perfect to have these guys here Since I posted the powder vlog, we haven’t got any new snow So its been dry for 2 weeks And it looks like sun as far as we can see… So I have to be creative now to step up the content Now Ian going to eat this, then we will see what happens later! We got so tired after the lunch But now we are back and in a bit bigger park


  1. Hoppas ni diggar denna videon😍 Glöm inte lämna en like och kommentar, det gör mig så jäkla glad!
    Kika in på länkarna i beskrivingen om ni vill se mer om mina goggles. Legender är ni❤️

  2. Det finns ingen bättre youtuber än dig, du svarar alltid på alla kommentarer och du så jäkla intressant content!!

  3. Skitbra video, så bra redigerat att de får en att bli riktigt sugen på å åka. Skulle du inte kunna köra en längre video nån gång där du typ vloggar lite resten av dagen också. De e intressant å se hur de e å leva där nere!

  4. Vilken färg har du på dina glasögon? Länken ger en blå variant men det har du knappast och de svarta ser ut att ha svart lins?

  5. hur har du råd att bo och åka skidor typ varje dag i Österrike? De du tjänar från youtube kan väll bara vara en bråkdel av allt du måste betala?

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