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Olá YouTube my name is Ricardo lino
and I’m a wheel addict I’m in Amsterdam in the north part of Amsterdam I’m with
evil the owner of the skate shop called DC soul let me show you the Sketchup now that you know the skate shop you
want to know also a little bit more about evil I’ve been skating since I was
13 started teaching when I was 16 started selling stuff when I was 21
like kneepads and vintage skates at first used skates and then slowly like
wheels and cars and new skates started a webshop and then opened the skate shop
when I was 26 this store is six years old now but we had a webshop before we
had like a warehouse before started teaching when I was 16 and grew kind of
nice but had like 30 40 students then I opened the shop and my focus was more
towards creating this is so brand and having a nice store so the the lessons
are kind of like faded away bit but then I realized that that all the good
children like under 20 in the whole am same area that were any good they were
all my ex-students that may really made an impact to me like we need to continue
this and grow the support after I started the shop and finish the shop
kind of like created the skate school I put my energy in that and now we were
doing five hundred thirty kids in one week
most of them through school programs and we have like sixty students that are on
our own courses that are like weekly attending on on our own courses but we
also have like weekly school project program courses and we do birthday
parties and like business business how do you call that team-building stuff
yeah exactly the entire business grew it all almost double yeah well nothing that
the shop Dumbo I’m saying the business as a whole double like for instance last
Saturday there were like a couple of students of mine in the shop buying
skates and stuff so it did just get back to you it’s called aggressive inline
skating people acknowledge it own it like it or not’ yeah yes so even like I
said he’s been teaching a lot of kids like last week it is more than 500 kids
are to skate so I decided to come here to show all of you what he has been
doing so enjoy this one and that’s it I hope you guys enjoy
what Eva’s been doing in Amsterdam I hope you take some ideas of something
that you can do in your hometown and hopefully together we’re gonna make
skating grow more and more and more now if you like this video give me some
thumbs up if you didn’t like this video well you can give me some thumbs down
but let me know what I didn’t like about this video other than that do not forget
to subscribe to the channel if you want to see more of these and never forget
why we all started skating because it’s fun cheers guys and see you soon


  1. No helmets requiered? Not impressed at all. Teaching kids is a great thing, but safety should be first. Hope their parents had to sign, that he isn't responsible for any injuries caused by not wearing a helmet.

  2. I think there are no videos of children and young people learning to skate Roller freestyle. It would be a good idea to do something like Felipe Zambardino but something simple.

  3. Superb. Great to hear the business is doing well. Passing on the skills, knowledge and confidence to the next generation is the best way of making our sport flourish and grow. I wish there was an adults' version! – I need lots of help with jumps and stair rolls ?.

  4. I love seeing little groms skate! I wish the US was better about supporting skate sports. Instead we tend lo look at skating as something "hooligans" do.

  5. Mr Lino, I stay in a low income area in the United States. I skate everyday in my community and the kids love seeing me skate. Unfortunately I do not think rollerblades are all that affordable and mixed with the fact that’s it’s a low income neighborhood they are unable to get on a pair of skates. What avenues are available for areas like mine so I’m able to bring skates to my community. I’ve been teaching my 2 sons how to aggressive skate and I feel I can do it on a bigger level. I would like to setup classes like this in my area but I know I must first find a way to obtain skates and pads for them first. Anyone I can email or write? Maybe do something so that the big companies see that they are missing out on a huge potential market ages 5-10. I would like to save Kickstarter as a last resort but if it takes that in order to receive a shipment I just need to know how much to raise and how to get in contact with a supplier. I know you are busy but thank you for doing so much for the little ones the future of the sport.

  6. i gotta go to one of these…even im 30+. and so awesome to see that shop owner…he is dutch? like…no dutch accent when speaking english 😮

  7. Is there any way to fix popped wheels? I've heard filling them with glue and freezing them can work but I'm wondering of there's a better way.

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