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Advanced Trick Water Skiing : Advanced Trick Water Skiing: Front Flip

Advanced Trick Water Skiing : Advanced Trick Water Skiing: Front Flip

In this clip we’re going to talk about front
flip. Front flip is more advanced, eight hundred points, but it’s a really cool looking flip,
everyone likes it, it’s fun to do. There’s a few key points on this one, you don’t want
to go as wide on the back flips because the air you get on a front flips is all from the
edge. I don’t want you to try and jump, it’s all from the edge. What you’re going to try
to do is you’re going to come in on your front foot and you’re going to drop your hip in,
just like this, just like if you were slalom skier, West Coast style. You’re going to drop
your hips in, just like this, you’re going to come into the wake and you’re going to
edge so hard that when you hit the top of the wake, it’s going to throw you right up.
If you’re on the water, you’re not high enough, you have to get really high for this front
flip. Get on your front flip, drop your hip in and then ride all the way through the crest
of the wake and then when you get up, I want you to bring your hands in here and then delay.
You’re going to wait there, you want to flip off the second wake, don’t flip right when
you get off the water. You’re going to delay for a minute, just stay right here and then,
once the line starts to pull you over, that’s should be the first part of your flip. The
line’s going to start pulling you over, hands in right here, and then you’re just going
to tuck and roll and then you just land it.

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