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Advanced Snow Skiing Tricks : Sliding a Rail Snow Ski Trick

Advanced Snow Skiing Tricks : Sliding a Rail Snow Ski Trick

Okay so what I am going to be showing you
now is how to ride the rail where the lift or takeoff is not directly in front of it,
it is more of a hand rail style rail that is meant to represent more sort of the hand
rails that go down a stair case. With this one what you will want to notice is since
the lip is not directly in front of it, you are going to want to come towards the side
of it and pop and swing your feet and bring your noses kind of up and over the rail and
slide it just as exactly you would if it were a normal flat bar but you are definitely going
to want to jump and always keep in mind to keep your weight centered because with the
down slope rail it is a little easier to slip out so you don’t want to lean too far back
on this foot and loop out and you definitely do not want to catch on this because it is
a little bit more of a consequence than the other boxes of rails that we were doing before.
So you are going to want to come to the side, pop up, spin 90 degrees, land sideways on
the rail and then once you get to the bottom of it you want to go and pop back so you can
land regular again.

100 thoughts on “Advanced Snow Skiing Tricks : Sliding a Rail Snow Ski Trick”

  1. it doesn't really matter. they just give you a little bit more ballanced. i have center mounted and the only thing you really notice is easier switch riding

  2. right when i get on a rail i slide off
    should i just jump onto the rail better or is it a matter of balancing and how do i balance?

  3. It setup like ahhhh like ahhh if it was on a ahh like stair set.

    bring your noses up.

    I didn't know it was "advanced" to slide a 4 inch tall rail.

    These expert people sure are amazing at everything they do. lol

  4. …advenced …its to easy … just get speed turn 90 degres and thats its your on untill the end -_-

    make one in and double down kink rail =D its like down-flat-down

    and speak how to do and 450 out ftw =D

  5. This dude, can't talk, and he's not very good at skiing either. You should be good before you teach people and call yourselves "expert" village. Down slip rail or what ever he said. At the start he could have just mentioned it was an urban set up where you come on from the sides to replicate a real handrail on a stairset

  6. hey guys , i got a question, when im railing should i lean more forward than backward and put my hands down so the balance is like better?? is the balance better if i keep the hands down or up? need answer

  7. wow, little kids with computers. Take your meds and chill out. The fact that the name for these tutorial is "expert village" and these people are far from being experts, leaves the door open for criticism. When I see little kids in the park everyday than can ski far better that don't go around claiming to be experts.

    So again chill out.

  8. remember if your begining to slide rail to lean forwad if anything so if you loose your balence just jump off the side and ride away

  9. change the captions to transcribe audio. lol, that's fuckd up. he says: "And swing your feet" but the captions says "And so in your seat" xDD

  10. ive seen lots of your vids, and something is i come for a tropical country .And i can do rails,S,M,L jumps plus im only 11, well i us my parents acounnt ya

  11. i bet 95% of the haters cant even hit a flat box because they r too busy being jealous of people that can actualy do shit

  12. @MrImaTyga That's because you cant learn a trick by watching youtube videos, you need to put on your skis and try untill you do it.

  13. hey man just a tip. the kind of tips you give are for absolute beginners. 1 day in the park and a little bit of common sense could tell somebody everything your telling us. anybody hitting a rail are beyond the tips your giving. maybe give some more detailed advice, such as how to fix potential problems, etc. and more than 1 visual runthrough of hitting the feature then an explanation of what you did would be nice too…

  14. @rRobinho10madrid I do.. Total beginner on rails. I have been skiing for a long time and am confident on piste, off piste, moguls and steeps, but a beginner at freestyle.. But the ski instructor course i am doing requires you to do a freestyle element so i am now practicing rails and trying to improve my jumps.

  15. guys stop hating him so much your sayin that yur any better you never saw that guy in action and he sounds like that because he has to yell over all the load noises and anyway wat happened to your foot

  16. if anyone wants a ton of subscribers, lots of views and comments, make a channel devoted to how to ski rails, 180's, 360's, boxes, 540's, 720's, back flips, front flips and other tricks as well…if you can do any of this, please make a video demonstrating how to,…in detail, cause so far nobody can explain it very good

  17. the only thing you need too know is:
    -slide it
    -keep rying until you find the right balance

    nothing else to it

  18. @wobunton6 i'm a beginner, well, i have skiing for 12 years, but i can't jump, still laughing at his explanations ! 😀

  19. for all the beginners out there it is all about having balls. you have to not be scared to try shit just do it and it will all come in time. the best way t learn is hands on…

  20. @DGKrs yeah for sure. i hit my tailbone on a rail like this last year and hit hurt like a bitchhhhh. then i tried again and ate shit.

  21. i just learned how to do a box, the most important thing that is required to do park. BALLS. just try it, if u mess up, try again. great tutorial too

  22. @redman1333 The upload date was 2008, ski helmets were not nearly as popular back then as they are now. Barely anyone even knew they existed in 2008.

  23. @redman1333 I don't think you understand. At the time this video was released helmets weren't even sold in the majority of ski shops. It was very rare to see anyone at all with a helmet on up to now.

  24. @AmazingSuperStar1 well if you can slide a box then the only difference with a rail will be balance, but with short rails this won't really be a problem

  25. @MyDragon0123 Most of the kids in know including me and we range from 10-13 and 270 up and 450 blind out… and thats just on rails…

  26. @jevy1122 yes you can, you just land slightly lower down on your ski so that the middle-top of your feet is on top of the rail instead if the rail being right beneath your feet

  27. that doesn't make sense. more room for your skis to slide = more space for your weight to be distributed (weight is spread out further across the length of the ski, rather than all under your boots with rails.) Speaking from experience here, majority of the falls on rails come from feet slipping off the edge, or not leaning forward enough.

  28. Very hard, they are much heavier, much stiffer, have much sharper edges, and have a much more delicate base. Do yourself a favor and keep your race skis in good condition. either rent a pair for a day or buy a pair that you can use for park, and wreck those on the rails..

  29. wow me newtines have just shed there access testies and are now multiplying in such a way i must constantly wear a diaper.

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