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Advanced Snow Skiing Tricks : Outside Switch Up Snow Ski Trick

Advanced Snow Skiing Tricks : Outside Switch Up Snow Ski Trick

Ok, so this is going to be one of the more
difficult tricks that I am going to be showing you guys today and what this trick is called
is a outside switch up. Pretty much the idea of it is you hop on regular as if you were
normally sliding the rail but halfway on the rail your going to hop one eighty and change
directions on your sliding and then slide finishing up the other way and then come out
switch. Before you try this trick make sure that your really comfortable with sliding
both directions on skies and comfortable with spinning on jumps doing three sixty’s and
doing two sevenths out when it comes to rails. Like I showed you previously. So now I am
going to be showing you guys the outside switch up on a down slop hand rail.

33 thoughts on “Advanced Snow Skiing Tricks : Outside Switch Up Snow Ski Trick”

  1. ya but boxes are a little harder to switch on because they're wider and you can't get that grabbing action with your skis to get spinning.

  2. freeskier678, your problem is probably that your not geting edge grip. if you can 270 out than u must know what i'm talking about. so just get a 270 out edge grip and do what u would usually do when 270ing out, accept earlier so u land on the rail.

  3. @TheSkierFREAK

    hahah oh thanks for letting me know gaper…. u aint got tricks you aint got shit on me, you don't know anything about skiing

  4. YO! anyone know what trick this is called: i saw a kid do a crazy interesting trick on a box about a foot wide and 10 feet long. He popped up, landed on one foot (i think) and spun one way landed on the other foot tapped his other on the side of the box… i saw him do it two times in a row. coolest thing ever. i can't find the move on youtube nor can i find any unique tricks. all people do is keep their skis together and spin forward or backward, thats it. what are some unique tricks?

  5. its no pretzel because he just changes the slidedirection ON the rail….
    a pretzel is f.e. when you start grinding with a rightturn and go off the rail with a leftturn…

  6. @nimsxmx you can ride a park without poles but it is the gayest thing ever, you look like the biggest douche

  7. this, my friend, is called a frontside switch up; you forgott to mention that you need to block with your front ski, probably the most important point-_-

    btw, wear what ever that black thing is, wear it UNDER your pants or at least wear a helmet too if you want to show the "safety first"-thingy. thanks.


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