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Advanced Snow Skiing Tricks : 720 Snow Ski Trick

Advanced Snow Skiing Tricks : 720 Snow Ski Trick

So the trick that I am going to be walking
you guys through now is the 720. A 720 is two complete rotations around so you are going
to be spinning around twice and landing forward again. I am not going to do any ground with
it just to show you guys the spin but for this one you are going to want to set a little
bit faster and just like with the 360 you are going to want to go with your head and
keep looking around. Like I said before wherever your head goes, that is where your body is
going to want to go. Since this jump is a little bit slow I am going to go a little
fast and land a little further down the landing but you are going to want to set the same
way you are going a 360 but wrap it a little bit harder so your body can make around for
the 720. Okay so you want to drop exactly the same but I’m going to set a little harder.
If you noticed right there, I had to wrap my body a little bit harder just because this
jump is a little smaller and if the jump were a little bit bigger you would not need to
wrap as hard and you can throw in a grab. You can grab your skis, you can slow the spin
down a little bit. For smaller jumps or if you are first learning them try it on a smaller
jump and just wrap your body with it just so you can learn the rotation and get comfortable
with it and when you are coming around for the last 360 so you are at 720 you are just
going to want to come and spot just like you were for a 360 and put your feet back down
and just ride off to the side like you would before and that is how you do a 720.

93 thoughts on “Advanced Snow Skiing Tricks : 720 Snow Ski Trick”

  1. ur skis poles r too long i think… having smaller ski poles means less gravity to turn thus thrusting ur momentum to keeping it cleaner and smoother spin… but thats just my thoughts

  2. no theyre not … for freestyle its rly up to personal preferance.
    but for normal skiing your elbow should have a 90 degree angle when your holding your ski poles.

  3. why do you have to go baggy.
    please explain how baggy pants makes you a better skiier.
    all it means at that youre trying too hard to look cool.
    you look cool by being a quality skiier not by being a tool with goofy baggy pants, retarded, small, pointless poles and a stupid bandana hanging out the back of your pants. not to mention no helmet.

  4. actually no, i dont wear a bandana on the ski hill. bandanas are made of cotton, and i dont know if you know this but cotton loses nearly all of its thermal potential when it gets wet.
    congratulations on wearing a helmet.
    theres no need to be calling me a dumbass on youtube comments section.

  5. Ya no problem it's that easy, just chuck a 720 just like that! FML this guy makes it sound too easy!

  6. afterbang in the spin?…ahhahaahahahahahaahahahahahaahahahaahahahahaah
    you dont know what afterbang is.

  7. i got one this year =] it's in my snowbomb run 2 video. 7s are just like 5s but more spin and you really have to commit to it or your gonna go down.

  8. i know he wasnt trying to cork it, but it looked as if he almost did, cuz he was so off axis. and it was in response to fraserrr144's comment below

  9. you need them for landing switch, and they're better for rails too cuz if you use race skis you might fall cuz the edges are sharp and they can catch on the rail, then you fall.

  10. Learned all my spins by myself, you get more knowledge on how to develop your skills by learning by yourself, for rails, jumps etc. maybe it's not faster, but at least you can say you learned it yourself.

  11. @erchlt If you have ever worn a knee brace you would know its very bulky, it would be quite hard to wear it under pants, use your head I mean its not that hard to figure out.

  12. he's teaching skiing!!!! in his videos he's also teaching safety in freestyle skiing. He wearing a knee brace outside his pants to show how to be safe when skiing. He's not dressing like a twat because he thinks it looks cool!

  13. i did my first 720 last week, it was sick. if u can 540 then just try a 7 it seems way harder, but its actually way easier than it seems go and try 1

  14. @brosauce69 Hay im about there and watching people do this kinda helps, I mean I
    learned the 360 from this guy so why not the 7?

  15. @ffoxrider218 lol no they arent ur probally one of those really bad skiiers who can just slide rails and do 360s who has really small poles because you think they look cool?

  16. i always laugh at these kids with way to large pants… its like going to a circus… clowns do the same thing to amuze ppl πŸ™‚

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