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Advanced Snow Skiing Tricks : 180 Snow Ski Trick

Advanced Snow Skiing Tricks : 180 Snow Ski Trick

So the trick that I am going to be running
you through right now is a basic one eighty. Your going to want to pop center off your
feet just like hitting a regular jump but instead of a one eighty so your going to landing
backwards so its really important that you practice right and switch and hitting the
smaller jumps and landing the switch twos cause the jumps that were going to be doing
this on is a little bit bigger right now. But as you can see I am going to hit the jump
with a decent amount of speed. With my feet centered and my hands forward and I am going
to pop and pop a one eighty and land switch right away. So as you noticed right there when I landed
switch I didn’t stop right after the jump I rode it out switch and came forward enough
away from the landing so I wasn’t in anyone?s way and then when I wanted to stop I was out
of the way so nobody was going to hit me. Making it safe for myself and everybody else.
And that?s how you land and ride away from a one eighty.

100 thoughts on “Advanced Snow Skiing Tricks : 180 Snow Ski Trick”

  1. they are called twintips and they aren't super important to have unless you are planning on spending a lot of time in the park

  2. Shut up and save your angry rant.180s are not an advanced trick. Def a beginner trick, sorry dude. And maybe if you actually get some true twins you won't have such a problem riding switch.

    "Trust me it is difficult!!!! Shut your mouth when you don't know. " You sound like a kid that can barely ski at all, especially if your bitching about a 280. I skied for over 6 years, I snowboard now but believe me a 180 on skis is not hard

  3. haha the description talks about how hes snowboarded for 5 years and goes to snowboarding conventions but hes skiing 😛

  4. its like an ollie on a skateboard its not a trick as apposed to a technique that u need to do other tricks like if u cant 180 u probably cant 360 u need to start smaller and get bigger

  5. I want to master 180's before I try a 360, but I don't have twin tips it's likely I'll end up with my skis stuck in the ground.

  6. yes, yes, and of course yes. I'll admit that figuring out each trick is obviously harder to do on normal racing type skis than on twin tips, but not close to impossible and to me, the extra speed stability outweighs the simplicity of twin tips.

  7. valid point, but that is merely a point of preference, in which you have reflected your own belligerence towards this whole argument by not even accepting the opinion of others. based on what you are saying, on should have many pairs of skis to ski in various conditions. Who has this much money? I'm simply stating that straighter skis can be more balanced for all terrain and adequate for park skiing, much more than the typical fat carving twin tips.

  8. @KooKooCow i go everywhere with my twins…..and im not a moron………. infact most powder ski's are twins and they are not meant for park so i kindly have to dissagree with you on that one… but other than that ur right

  9. Nice tips, I will be trying them to land a 360 or an 180 this weekend.

    My bigest problem is that i'm bailing out right before i'm gonne do the trick, so I got to remove that bad habbit…. Used to stand on snow blades before, weighed much less, and were shorter & easier to take small tricks on small jumps.

  10. totally helped man i already knew how to do a backscratcher and i added the 180 in this comp and i won the 11 and under

  11. @bigp060606 ok dude first sucking up your legs takes away the center of gravity…. all you need to do is keep your balance and control your spin for over spinning and people on do 180s on jumps to get ready for switch tricks on the next jump…if you do it for a actual trick then you are just a fail

  12. sooo many people winging like mother fuckers 180s easy however you need to be confident on the landing and stay balanced spining a 180 well everyone can do it. land it. then move onto higher jumps then you'll have it piece of piss 🙂

  13. @nintendosims1994 basically if you ever need to know how to do anything other than jackoff, you can go to expertvillage to learn how to do it.

  14. This guy does a really good job teaching on these videos!! check them all out if beginer. keep them coming buddy i learned alot from you

  15. @superpoluha i dont think anyone is good enough 4 newschoolers, except the guys already one there and the guys frum chug life

  16. it says "advanced" i did it on my first try then i got bored and tryed a front flip broke my arm and got a concussion… not a good day bro

  17. This video tutorial as all of the others i saw from this guys SIMPLY SUCKS! He repeats 100 times and give the details and everything about safety but when it comes about the move your trying to learn, "180" in this vid, the only thing is tells you is, then you just pop and do the 180.

  18. @97tennis yeah my second day doing park i was doing 3's no problem. this really isnt that advanced but they are helpful videos.

  19. If your skis aren't curved at the back end as well as the front end then you should not attempt to land backwards unless you know what you're doing.

  20. @whostolemyTV there important not crucially i highly recomend using twin tips when trying switch trick or landing switch

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