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Advanced Figure Skating Moves : Advanced Spins in Ice Skating

Advanced Figure Skating Moves : Advanced Spins in Ice Skating

Hello my name is Dmitri Olympiev and I teach
at Pines Ice Arena in Pembroke, Florida. You can reach us on the web at
This time I will introduce you to advanced spins. Now advanced spins require more speed,
so we will do a three turn, crossover, swing the shoulders, step on the spinning foot and
bring everything in. Now notice at the end, I do forward stroking position called “Landing
Position”. With this position, we’re finishing off all jumps and spins. Now you’re probably
just saw that when I did the spin, I crossed my foot, this is my position during the spin,
we use this position to make the speed faster. Once again, this is Dmitri Olympiev and I’m
teaching at Pines Ice Arena in Pembroke, Florida. You can reach us on the web at
And on behalf of, we’d like to thank you for watching.

83 thoughts on “Advanced Figure Skating Moves : Advanced Spins in Ice Skating”

  1. i love scratch spins!!! but that guy traveled too much, me thinks… a way to NOT travel is to get your balance in the beginning, THEN pull in with your arms and legs. just spin at first with one leg and your arms extended outward

  2. since when was this advanced? go do a flying camel with a couple of illusions or a line spin. I learne all this right when I started skating. I suppose it looks good when it's done well, but it hardly counts as advanced is it?

  3. i think, it's very helpful.
    i've never done an advanced spin, 'cause nobody told me, how to do it right…
    i'll try it tomorrow and write here about my experiences

  4. hm ok. i tried it so many times ^^
    it's not as easy as it looks, that's sure ^^

    i have a problem with starting the spin.
    backward crossovers aren't a problem, but changing the direction to spin, is very hard ^^

  5. I don't know what I do wrong in this spin, when I'm spinning, I can't bring my leg in to cross it, then I lose my ballance and have to stop.

  6. In all sports theres some proper expert instructon on the internet from the pros but this is an insult and grand embaressment to any one that has participated in figure skating seriously. It's a Fworld when jerk offs are screwing up the sport and probably making money from this web site.

  7. 1:25-1:35, that spin is my favorite spin ever!!!! I love to watch the figure skaters do it when they preform!!! Bavo!!!

  8. Holyyyy TRAVEL!! A scratch spin is NOT this difficult; the backwards crossovers and such are not needed. Do not use this video as a tutorial. WOW

  9. You're amazing. Thank you so much for teaching through Youtube.
    I'm a beginner skater and I'm learning a lot from your techniques.
    I'm going to skate today and try to do the spin.
    You're an amazing teacher.

  10. That was advanced? Seriously? I though Camels spins, and flying spins would be advanced, not a Cross-toe! Also, he travelled a bit in that last spin…

  11. What's with the bad comments… he's a good teacher and a pretty good skater from what he's been showing. He was gracious enough to share his knowledge and talent… that says a lot for character as well.

    For the "alpha" level skater who brags of doing a sit spin… from the official list of lessons you know that "advanced" means FS level… beyond the basic level. A one-foot spin is included in Freestyle 2. Get your head straightened out, may have been warbled from all the sit spins.

  12. That's the beginning of advance spins, – every other advance spin you attempt has its foundations on scratch spin he demonstrates
    wish he would have mention the edges you're supposed to be on, in always have trouble remembering and keeping the edge while I spin.

  13. Dimitri is a great coach and a really good guy. He demonstrates the moves to you slowly so you can better understand them. He has alot of knowledge and patience too…

  14. @12enma12

    inside edge
    outide edge
    backwards crossovers
    step out
    two foot spin….
    the put them all together in order and when your ready, lift ya leg up(:

  15. I have a problem with traveling too much while spinning, and i just cant seem to find that focus. Anyone got any tips?? 🙂

  16. @HollywoodGiiirl When you hold the inside edge from the backwards cross over, see how it draws a circle onto the ice? Well step into that circle when you spin and it helps to control the travel and centre your spin better. Also, (I havent seen your spin…) try to slow down the transition between the positions in your spin. Hold out both arms and your free leg until you get your balance and then slowly and at the same time bring your arms in and cross your leg over at the knee

  17. @beccahollylovers Nah, cos when you enter the spin (I'm spin clockwise), i cross left foot over right and hold the inside edge on my left foot and then push into the semi circle tracing i have made using my inside edge on my left foot. try it off ice and it makes more sense. and I have no idea what NISA1 is… we dont have that in New Zealand…

  18. not like i am doing it better, or that he doesnt teach well, he is actually teaching it perfectly, but he was travelling allot while spinning.

  19. I was searching for advice on how to better center my 1 foot and you are traveling too. Please try again only centered and how to get there !

  20. Thanks Dmitri, I have watched your video series and it is obvious that your are very good skater and instructor. The students that you teach at Pines Ice Arena in Florida are very lucky to have you as a coach. Keep up the great work.

  21. HOLY COW THAT'S FAST!!!!!! How do you not get dizzy????? They say to center your body but shoot I still get dizzy. .O.

  22. Молодец Дмитрий! Как пропеллер! У меня вентилятор крутится медленнее. 🙂

  23. I learned to do the one foot spin by watching many times how he did the one foot spin. I applied it in artistic roller skating and my instructor approved it! Now I am learning the back spin from him again. He has very good technique. Gracias (thank you)!☺

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