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Adrien Anne VS Ricardo Lino with 90’S Aggressive Inline Skates

Adrien Anne VS Ricardo Lino with 90’S Aggressive Inline Skates

ola youtube my name is Ricardo lino and
I am a wheel addict Im in my closest skate park to home which is sitting there and
I got our guests but the guests didn’t know what is about to do okay so check
this there’s two bags here yes there’s two bags you choose one another looks
funny what it is I can’t tell it choose one no no it’s way better
what just just choosing them I’ll explain to you just choose one okay good
I’m happy with that okay you can open it the trooper decrees Edwards trooper and
on these ones check this this one that in the box and I never tried so we’re gonna we gonna warm up a bit
and then then we got this note that I know I don’t even know if this one’s fit
me but I’ll be rusty I can’t put this shit up so now it’s your turn to change
again they don’t beat me you can even do negatives and these were skated once so
not that much of a difference I skated these gates one day only and that was
the day that Brian Bell died and that’s carry them I made a little video sorry
hell yeah I didn’t want to steal your guy but now your guy’s not a trinket any
more now he’s on Bower did you ever have our skates no I know I
wanted to what was your first birthdays I just add some so plates with my dad
like metal so plates and stuff so Joe is not original with the metal so place dude I’m even scared of these things oh
shit here’s what you don’t know it’s my only
chance to behavior to play so Adrienne is pro for trigger skates and and and
I’m pro for knowing maybe this way and I’ve been like it’s been trying to set
up this case for the last ten minutes which I knit up training
there’s no warm-ups our warm-ups are for rookies I can’t fish prints like I can’t
mock you I can so yeah but I can try out good things and mines plastic those ones
it can’t groove them check that let’s see it one two three you the rules let’s
set the rules you always need to call the trick first yeah one try only to set
okay one try to learn it last letter two tries in the end the last letter one try
only and way to it we did that I don’t I don’t play game of blades
no it’s Kate why it’s not it’s inline skating okay agent let’s do it you call
the trick because you already think ping ping trick what trick real real about that one I hope you can
do it I hope you can’t you were shaving shit oh man I’m gonna kill myself let’s
see it by the way the letter the the word that we’re doing is in line right
so now it’s my turn I lived opposite straight up and got
this all right very crunches we jump really far not really okay that’s it your drink okay fish bring ya my turn I’ll loop fish bread I know
okay check it like these it’s good okay you need no no front okay that’s it okay
I’ll loop top message I think we need to warm up a bit with the sketch let’s see
I know you got that shit too easy he’s gonna do it so easy it’s gonna
embarrass me you okay
sit miss Duffy I was trying to tell the skateboarders
the local ones the local borders to tell him that there was no way okay perfect I
don’t need that okay trick okay four on Savannah yeah I’m usually okay with that
trick okay go I’m usually okay with the vendors but I’m actually super super
scared today yeah saving it okay
my trick hmm no no no I don’t think so this is all a bluff so if he sees me
trying nothing yeah who knows
with luck that’s right yeah it’s right okay now
it’s your chick yeah back to life so happy that is not gonna let it go your
mother okay my trick no okay I have a trick
Wow through thought though I don’t know if the whole blood thing you know drink French porn stars anything about this
one I’m gonna hit so much shit that’s BEC Savannah ladies and gentlemen I just put it a
letter on a table effective manner aye aye aye aye your trick your drink
your drink Eileen fish solid fish okay let’s see what did put this you can go how rest no
I usually I used to do it so good do I need to grab it why is it you again yeah now you did you
did yeah but then it’s always changing can your chick I think I can do it next don’t think too much
I see whatever it struggling come on you in five seconds yes through fish let’s
see it you’re not Rob Thompson
there was a Rob Thompson shit huh that was good you want to play hard mizu that’s it trick yeah let’s go back to
the root sponsor okay oh I’ll never be able to do that I’m gonna eat so much
shit guys like my heel is low I’ll try it iron right okay fragility well that’s me help that was smooth
I don’t know how I was going to be didn’t the person taking real with the
back foot front unity I’ll give you another chance I’ll give you another
chance Devon white leg give you another letter
ah okay go trick trick yes let’s see through porn fuck yeah
haven’t done one of those in the billionaires okay
I gotta go with the basics my man eggs groans – easy kid he’s gonna do it easy
I know but still come on dog side front okay yo Jake I am so complicated
let’s go for a laptop so okay and even sweating that’s what so much
now okay I’m gonna hit so much shit now you got it easy I know maybe not let me
hope that’s it yes I an Li now in in in in it’s you yeah check this is by far
the finest game of in line ever Jake come on hit me with your best shot
it’s gonna kill me okay fuck that’s super I can’t do it get it I didn’t film it dude I can’t I’ll try but
I will eat so much shit I’ll try it let me see
flat with this Kate I’m gonna leave without trying that way yo the camera
the other way in life it’s my trick where you got my jacket what you go
cross fish fish oh that was oh he wasn’t with me hurt so
bad that’s right look at the copy that is it oh I want to try from torque let’s
do it No okay I’m gonna I’m gonna try to make the
pro skater that ever at this Kate’s proud camel toe hey don’t go too crazy
you don’t have the cruiser skates I think you only this one will I’m kidding
you got you good it is probably better than I did stuff
okay trick shake shake shake can we go switch or not well you can’t switch fish brain okay sweet whispers
dude good no I was hoping I was really hoping
that’s it okay late grab Bart I count it okay practice right I’m gonna do it now
I hope my knees already not happy with me check anyway I better do it now Jess
don’t put one knee on one side and the other on the other side it doesn’t work get it we’re in the Enlai both in line 9
you better land it to celebrate your trick mothertrucker your trick trick backslide – go for it how do you even
backslide here I wasn’t even happy to celebrate on you but let me try okay that’s it that’s good
three two one my trick okay give you one more try maybe and we’re trying okay
trick okay I feel the pressure dude only regarding sweet right
alley-oop alley-oop extra and switch okay let’s see it in line we will last
letter for each your trick one letter for each one of us that’s it the
pressure is on and is it I leave my cue get it that’s how you win but I don’t know what
human I’ll try I’ll Drive it I’m gonna die cursed I gotta grab I hate you hate you dude I’ll end this
shit you fuck like you probably ninety without step-up and Weaver grab never one let’s try yeah you got this I got it
no yeah okay give you one last chance you know why cuz you gave me one okay Jamie down
I mean feet I need to do one to eat shit 360 music this do one that you know you
struggle be the ones in front X right the front side we got a combo it’s
really busy but let’s see it I hope he doesn’t get it he’s nervous I
can see him shaking if you’re doing it’s only because you’re skating with our
wheels mother’s sucker okay
yo streak okay we gotta finish right whistle no I hope you don’t land it I
hope you don’t get hurt too but I hope you don’t land it let’s see it true soul
with that shit get it now it’s my shit okay you know I
got this anyway what does he he has something something special true amazing I wanna see the replay you got that so easy I know but still
I’m happy I can celebrate you never know you might be I’m gonna shoot the Doge
grinds at the punishment travel all this Pilate visited boom back style and
Tristan Midway okay yo chick okay the true soul again if you want you
gonna get miss it sure I know that’s my one dude is dried okay you’re giving you
chances let’s see true true so just online it you know what just because of
that shit I’m gonna go with you to acid shit it’s possible just the skates are
weird okay yo chicken you can go further just
oh yeah I’m gonna go for it your Mac no back there
hello Baxter I hope it misses it either hurt if we did that’s really harder
sorry man ah okay my trick let’s see we got an that shit you know what it’s a simple one but I’ll
try just turn off cap top so tiny one can go speed your trick I’ll cap topsail my give me my dear that’s it I got no
speed this guy of extra speed that’s why L kept topsail come on okay
that’s it one more try that’s my chance
come on don’t get hurt but don’t don’t lend it you good
let’s see it that might be my opportunity I’ll a chic Adams on the cheek so find
out for them so under they make the hole now just in with proper just two on one
I’ll make into a proper one meaning they like you might have only
minion so what’s the conclusion you take from this video it’s not the skaters
it’s the skates for sure like those kids I’m pretty sure if you just take those
metal plates out could make a huge difference but let’s see it’s gonna line
it no I would never do that I would rather be stepping on shit how does a
good one huh boom Wow and that’s it this is all for this video I hope you guys
enjoy this one hope you had as much fun as we did filming even if the body hurts
a little bit uh how’s your body mine is good too mine is everywhere it was it
was fun talk with that anyway he did it so I hope you guys enjoyed this one if
you did enjoy this one do not forget to give us some thumbs up if you didn’t
like it thumbs down letters nobody didn’t like about this video if you’re
not subscribed to the channel now it’s the time to do it there’s the Bell
button press on that Bell you’ll get a notification every time I upload one of
these and other than that just like I always say just don’t forget why we all
started skating and that is because it’s fun gonna show up there Cheers

45 thoughts on “Adrien Anne VS Ricardo Lino with 90’S Aggressive Inline Skates”

  1. OMG bauer frontsides were my dream skate when I was a kid….never got em tho
    Lucky dog those look mint!!!!

  2. Omg, these old skates. I started with the roces street. Second was the majestic and then I have the oxygen Argon

  3. Bauer Frontsides were my first skate….two years of pain!!! I liked the liners but the grind plate I took off day one.

  4. recado he i used too skate everywhere in the 90's…. have the wheels and bearing made everything go faster?

  5. My very first skates were Bauer F3 before those versions came out which were based on the F3. I remember taking off the second wheel to grind and then later using a file to flatten the frame on the inside and installing Scribe grind plates

  6. Nice game and by the way I like that you are trying to set a name to what we do, I agree the most correct way in English should be inline skating. Well done keep up with the hard work

  7. Guys that is one of the most entertaining games of inline (blade/skate) ever. So much love for you both x

  8. yea! love it! love to see more games of b.l.a…… I mean, games of inline! frank and I are doing our online game of blade too…. should probably change it to inline, lol!

  9. I've got bruises and injuries just watching that. How you guys do that without padding blows me away. You must be built like wolverine. Those bauers were the first skates I ever tried imported from Canada before inline was a thing in the UK. Orange hyper wheels were the shit!

  10. Man, Ricardo. I could never Royale on my Troopers and I thought it was me. It's the one trick I always wanted to learn but could never hit. Fell so much. This video brought me so much joy, thank you. Brings back my teenage years

  11. Great video Guys.

    I love Amazing vintage skates.
    I'll continue skating my "Lightning trs" until they die…

  12. oh man i remember those tricks.. lol i started on roller blades then got soloman st9's (i still have them) 20+ years ago if i could skate again i would.. i was in the top five in NE England before i got hurt

  13. Lol awesome guys. I had the Lightning TRS 96-97? (same as Chris Edwards) as my first aggressive skate and the royale groove was huge from grinding, it had to be. I learned to backslide on those bad boys. Those dam things needed soul block plates in the front and rear which I had. The rear pretty much had no soul at all. My top acids were super stretched because of the high frames. Good stuff guys, fun to watch . ??.

  14. Wow this takes me back to the 90's… had some of the best summers of my life!

    We did everything…basketball, football (soccer for all my American friends here in the UK) even played roller hockey for a bit as well but skating just had the boom back then and we all did it… great memories!

  15. This video hits home right now, im down in mexico skating my uncle's oldschool salomons and im missing my usd aeons back home so much rn ?

  16. U know the 90s Skates were designed for 90s tricks right? So just fishbones, sitting bulls and UFOs in the next blade game lol

    Btw if you need beats check out my stuff. Free to use for skate edits ;P blade on

  17. aleyop x was not switch ! cheating is not cool mr lino! but in general i loved the smiles and no doubt that i love mr Anns style + lino was at a dissadvatage due to having no heal plates (overall a verry fun video to watch ) mr Lino i want to correct you (though it bothers me for a long time now ) after did or did not you dont use past "example" "i did not land" not "i did not landed " if you want to use "landed" you say "i have not landed" im not mocking you no one is perfect just want to make your english better though you are a known figure in skating and your voice represents our comunity so i want it to be flawless (hope you take it the right way ma dude)

  18. Definitely need to get some CDS Soul Plates on the back of those . Skates were incomplete until they were on back in the day!!!

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