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it’s actually a Ferrari red Ferrari red?
its faster! Olá youTube My name is Ricardo Lino and a wheel addict
today I’m going to show you the most expensive skate on the market is that
right I think it’s right well expensive you might have seen but
is it real quality well that’s what we’re gonna see today with Peter we are
at the Adept headquarters I think we can say Peter and his girlfriend Olga on
this brand called adapt and all the skates are n made by themselves so Peter
you guys have two skates one is the aggressive skate the other one is what
you call the hyper skins I’m hyperscale yeah this one the most expensive skate
is the GTO the GTO I pressed it yeah so you want to tell us a little bit more
about this kid yeah sure so basically we have two models on a hyper skates which
this one is the most high-end version of them all basically it’s called the GTO
because of my love for cars and within Ferrari the GTO is the most expensive
car what they have what you guys can see is that this kid is like all black and
then here let’s check this Victor like just a little red detail bikes it’s like
it really it’s actually Ferrari red Ferrari red Ferrari right it’s better
yeah so basically it’s actually it’s a free skate so it’s the base of like the
boot can be used for multiple purposes even marathon skating free skating and
just maybe even swallow so it is a multi-purpose boot with one vision
actually and it is to be the most hardcore type of skate that we can build
as to this date actually so the GTO is the most hardcore version
we have with hardcore I mean it is the most rigid skate we have because of the
power transfer we want everything to be really solid have a nice solid feel to
it in order to yeah make the skating experience more high-end actually and
you guys have no cuff a huge V cut that’s what I see here yeah and a
different mounting yeah we actually the the GTO has the hyper skate has a lot of
features that are totally different than any other company on the market so
basically it is a it doesn’t have a hinge cuff so it doesn’t have a cuff
that moves forwards so it only has like a cuff built in within the skate so
basically it is cut out onto like the marker of the GTO as the carbon but then
it goes all the way up to the top to give a lot of support and the way the
adapt works is that it has a more natural flex to it so the reason why we
did this or developed this is because I was getting a bit older I had some
injuries and my foot could not with stayin a lot of impacts anyway is that
why it’s called the death so we developed this idea to have more natural
flex so the flex works together more with the strap the
lacing everything works really close together so every detail is really
important that’s why we came out with the double white laces not just one coat
but two coats of works just to make ensure more grip to the skate the even
the eyelids they’re not colored there and an iced so basically that gives more
grip as well the leather is specially chosen for this skate so in order that
it gives the right like support that I want in a skate I asked you something
about it yesterday I asked you if you could skate barefoot on that skate yeah
you can because for those of you guys that don’t know a lot of speed skaters
choose to skate barefoot they choose to not use socks I know that it might seem
way to some of you guys listening to this but it’s it’s not a regular liner
scale it’s not an aggressive skates it’s a certain type of stage when you’re that
the skin of your foot against the leather of the inside of the skate it
just makes sense it’s like the contact once once it sweats a little bit it just
gets the perfect contact one feel yes yes so for normal inline skating use and
speed is skating it’s normal to have no socks in your skates and they often have
leather inside really soft leather of course and with the hyper skate only the
GTO I have to make sure like the zero which is also a hyper scale it’s a
cheaper yeah it’s the new model is not here but it is this one good and that
actually has a mesh lining so basically the mesh lining you have to wear socks
it’s like correct regular viadimir woman yeah
but the GTO has a different material it’s called it’s called on steam and
it’s actually made in Holland as well it’s eight times more durable than real
leather it’s not real leather but it gives a lot of grip on the inside
and also no friction when you would skate it barefoot if I would say that’s
an okay thing to do that’s totally up to the customer I prefer to skate it with
socks because of the use University yeah you use it not as a speed skate you use
it as a SK like this when someone invest the amount of money that this case cost
there will be a lot of different people using it and some people will use it
just for training right yeah yeah yeah before we even go to the to the mounting
we just gonna make a little sideline what’s the price of this gate
the price is 775 euros at this point and there’s gonna be a different GTO model a
beefed-up GTO which is probably going to be more than a thousand euros damnit I’d
like to use I’m sorry this is not great there’s even the more expensive there’s
one coming out this time come with golden just okay you guys tell us if you
think I’m right or not so the next version should have the gold GTO maybe now so there the next one we have been
working on a frame for a long time I think it’s over two years now and beefed
up GTR will basically be the same boot but it will feature a completely new
frame so before going to the frame yeah you need to tell us about the mounting
system which is something unique right yeah it is unique mounting so we
developed a mounting I think we started developing the mounting three years ago
the idea behind the mounting was that first the first hyper skate had a normal
165 mounting so that we actually borrowed from speed skating because I
also worked for speed skate company so we borrowed this idea and it worked fine
but in the end I did feel like it had a bit more flex to it and we got a large
demand of people wanting to use this skate as a marathon skate basically that
gave us a problem because most of the frames are 195 if you want to go
in wheel size for marathon skating so if you want to have like 4 times 103 times
125 most of the times you go to 195 mounting distance so yeah he came he
came to actually make the mounting totally different – yeah so you can put
more multiple frames on it actually but we went a bit further and I think was
three years ago we started developing prototypes with a mounting that has
actually four months in one so basically it’s 165 the normal standard for any
free skate frame it is 195 as well so then you just use the outside bolt like
from lengthwise and it is also ufs basic but then you need an adaptor on the back
so we also provide these like aluminium laser-cut so you can put it on by using
the outer bolts so you can see that it has like other bolts from the other side
which comes to the other part this is also a complete new mounting system
which is called the Quattro mount and that’s going to be for adapt only so if
you want the most high-end skate with inner depth you will go to the Quattro
mounting and that is only using the four other bolts so not using the inside
bolts which means we can lower all the wheels and use the inside of the frame
because the wheels for those of you listening to these that might not know
enough if you look on the sketch on the side here on the inside
usually there’s there’s the pole but if you use these Quattro mount there’s
basically a hope and line in the middle that makes creates a way for these
wheels to go lower usually lower it means more controlled
yeah office gates also there are points in the skate where
actually we’re up to three point eight millimeter away from the wheel so
calculating the insole the carbon layers up to the wheel is three point eight
millimeters in total so that’s the amount your foot is from the wheel so
that’s really important for us so that it’s really know okay so this is one
frame yeah but behind here on the left of your coffee which is my right there’s
something you want to speak a little bit about that yeah sure so that you got to
see that for the first time now yeah so this is actually it’s a prototype it’s a
very first prototype it is the new frame which is basically the Quattro frame it
is machined out from a solid block of 7068 aluminium so it’s a lightweight
aluminium now it’s still it’s still on the heavy side now because we’re still
like we already had some different stages and prototyping this is the first
one the special thing about is that it has only the other four bolts that we
will be using this frame has 90 millimetres to 90 millimeters in the
back and 84 in the front so basically it’s a high-low frame the idea behind it
is that the front wheels will be as close as possible to the boot same thing
with the wheels in the back and not changing the wheelbase too much because
of this so if you would go all 90 millimeters it will get along but when
someone buys the skate stock these comes with four 90s right depends we have the
80 millimeter framed eighty four millimeter frame and it does it depend
on the size of the state or we advise a certain size but the customer can choose
it on the website so we will what I get to the way you want what would you
advise depending on the size my size is 42 so
us mine basically I advise 84 millimeter and the reason behind it is
the way I skated it and if you have different style you will have a
different frame for it but this frame actually is developed it is two hundred
fifty eight point eight millimeter from wheel to wheel wheelbase and that is the
exact point of the last bone in my foot to the first bone in my foot which gives
you in my opinion with this policy the optimal the frame leg yes of course like
you said it has to do with the type of scary yeah you are mainly urban skater
I’d like to go to the part you just cruise around
yeah but then if you if you would go for down as you need a different yeah if
you’d be like a speed slalom guy probably wheels in the middle yeah all
these things just like every other scale would be different now wheels on these
skates what do you have your bearings what
people rolling on these actually now that this sample we have the normal
bearing it’s a symmetric but on the GTO does so disc a it comes with a go
project crown bearings they are always standard I tested those bearings I think
for a year I really love them before we used a full ceramic very well partly
some ceramic put a black ceramic which is harder than the white ceramic we
stepped away from it because basically when there’s sand or dust coming in it
can damage scratch yes scratch the bearing it will not roll smooth so we
went for the crown bearing I really like it and it has the same sort of lure to
it it’s a special bearing so it’s a bit different
bearing than the other barrier you want to have like only special yeah yeah and
basically it’s how I want it to be so the GTO will always be how I skated so
this way the new frame will come on a special edition
because this is the frame I want we can go through the wheels will ya the wheels
are a pretty high-end wheel and it’s yeah we like it all like all-black
actually so I know a white wheel is sometimes like normally it is better but
with this wheel we will really picky on on getting the right consistency and
yeah I think we managed with these wheels so it was very important and
that’s it I guess yeah I guess we just show you
the most expensive scare in the market now you know why it cost 775 euros
yeah and you also know there will be a thousand over it I think it’s this type
of skirt like Peter told me and I’ve said in several interviews before it’s
the type of skate for the person that really wants something I and you know
like a lot of people would spend all like thousands of dollars like gonna in
a bicycle yeah why not in this case if this is your passion
yeah well it’s an investment if it’s for sure for a special type of customer and
that’s what I got is trying to do so I hope you guys enjoyed this one if you
did enjoy this one do not forget to give us some thumbs up if you didn’t like it
thumbs down if you have any sort of comment that you wanna give me or any
feedback that you want to give to Peter I’m sure it’s gonna be reading the
comments on this and that’s it just don’t forget what we all started skating
because it’s fun cheers guys


  1. Best looking skates for sure.
    The price is not insane at all. If you take up skating as an everyday transport, you are saving money, having fun and it also becomes important for the skates to be simple and look more like shoes than ski boots.

  2. I saw Bill Stoppard break the boot of this skate where the frame attaches. I love the dude but he doesn't even do big gaps or anything. I wrote these over priced guys immediately.

  3. Currently thinking about what skates I should get next and it's pretty much between these and the wizard skates. My previous skates were seba SX which I loved but were recently stolen out of my car. I need a lot of ankle support for skating both slalom and a lot of spins on my toes….but also something that does well at 30-40mph and downhills. I am hesitant about the wizard frames cause I feel I'd trip over frames that are so much longer than the boot I really enjoy fast slalom footwork and spinning on my toes.

    The way these wheels are looks a lot more like the type of frame setup I like…and the skate looks cooler, I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to frame setups and skating with rockered wheels but I do think I'd prefer my wheelbase close to the same length as my boot. I wonder if that's a miss conception cause I haven't tried longer wheel bases….but for my style I don't think so. I don't like the red GTO logo though. At that price should be able to go label-less or have it grey at least.

  4. So what s the next one? Hexa-Mount? So Powerslide comes out with Trinity and now there is Quattro. So what is the point of all this?

  5. Yo I like you Chanel but sometimes I don't really understand correctly what you mean(not English speaker) . My question is, it's better to skate without socks? Couse I always skate with and I cant imagine skating without socks.

  6. This video shows a similar but cheaper model the Adapt Hyper Zero with mesh liner worn and demonstrated excellent by "PintoPonyProductions" in Toronto . An Adapt hyper skate also designed under dutch co-owners Pieter Wijnant & Olga Bouwhuis from the NetherLands. 
    The Netherlands were I live too is mostly known sportive-wise because of their talent in ice speed skating competitions. F.E. The dutch skaters won the most Olympic medals at the  last Winter Olympics skating in februari 2018 : 16 in total wich is 10 more than second place Japan and 12 more than 3rd place Norway.
    But because winters are getting warmer here also. Ice outside on frozen lakes in the winter is getting more rare. More speed skaters are also going outside to train on roads tarmac all year long too.
    Powerslide from Germany is a neighbour country close east from the Netherlands.
    Also Belgium were Marathon World Record owner Bart Swings lives is a neighbour country south of the Netherlands. They speak the same language. Actually some people in South Africa I've heard speak a kind of dutch slang too i have heard.
    Personally at last I would prefer using larger wheels than the adapt stock 4x84mm in the video. Like fe 110 wich should theoretically be possible with 1 cm UFS heelraise-plate adapter for larger wheels.

  7. Warning!! Don’t buy the frames by themselves if you are planning to use these with the Seba HL Carbons. The hole slot on these frames is super small and cannot be used with the bolts that come with the Seba HL carbons. I’m totally bummed right now. The frames are supposed to be 165 mount compatible but the cutouts are far too small to be used with the HL Carbon Bolts

  8. By the sounds of it, based on the quality of this skate, it seemed under priced, or other skates that are produced in much higher volumes are over priced. hm…

  9. If I didn't already own a pair of Seba iGor skates these would certainly be on my short list. They are beautiful skates, I'd be afraid to scuff them though.

  10. Is the Quattromount frame really (400 Euros) worth it over the Hyperframe 4x 84mm for a size 45 Eu? For any other narrower sizes may be equal, but for big sizes may come to a performance issue… what do you think?
    ThX for the post and Keep rolling!

  11. Not the most expensive stock skate anymore, FR Skates have 3 slightly more expensive skates. The FR SL Carbon 80, 310 and freestyle all cost 1.099,95 €, while the Adapt GTO's cost 'only' 1025 €.

  12. Just got my GTOs the other day. I love watching this video. It was also one of the videos that pushed me in the direction of purchasing them

  13. They look like Batman’s inline skates. Anyway, IMO adapt are the most beautiful and stylish skate on the market. Unfortunately, I think that my roller skills will match the quality and price of those skates in 300 years (more or less)

  14. Great video, I'm thinking about getting a pair of GTOs also, but I'd like to know the benefits of a high/low setup vs a straight 90mm setup? I'm and urban skater so would the high/low benefit me or should I stick with a straight 90mm?

  15. RL: The most expensive skate on the market
    Leon Basin: Hold my beer.
    i love the look of this skate and definitely will be getting a pair next, next being I had to go with the wizard nr100 first… $1200 usd now (2019). I feel like the Wizard skates are just harder to get your hands on, and it would be safer to get those first.

  16. That 'Ferrari' is literally a Fiat R or Rinnovata from the 70's. In Other words is lipstick on a pig.
    I bought a pair and this is what #adapt sold me
    Worse purchase ever in my entire life. Manufacturing quality was bellow skates you can get for $50 on walmart.
    Description bellow the video

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