A High School Swimmer Fights Against A Body-Shaming Swimsuit Rule

– It’s called the modesty rule and basically they were saying you’re– which I find funny because
it’s a school issued swimsuit. It’s not like she was like, I’m wearing this from home. Like they gave it to
her, to do the meet in and then they punished you for it! I would be so mad. – Yeah I was so mad I– – But you brought it up and then you ended up telling
everybody about it right? – Yeah. – [Kelly] Go ahead and tell
your part of the story. – So I’m head coach of a
different program in town and our meet ended and
I got back to my phone and it had just blown
up with texts and emails to say this swimmer got disqualified at another meet in town. She’s in a team-suit, approved
by the school district and I said that’s not okay. If we don’t do something
really extreme about this then it’s never gonna end. – Because any girl with a behind, like you know like mine, like I’m just saying
girl with like a booty like that’s gonna ride
when you’re being athletic and you’re moving around, it’s gonna move. It does the same thing with men. – Yeah.
– Like I– – Is there a modesty’s
rule for men in this sport? – [Coach] No!
– Because it just seems like there’s always
so much more scrutiny placed on women than on men. It just completely–
– When Brandy takes her shirt off and
everybody’s talking about it, but guys can do it and it’s nothing. – Well it’s like you
didn’t take your shirt off, you weren’t in New
Orleans, you were covered! Like you weren’t trying to earn beads like you were covered. Like that’s what I’m saying
so that’s what my thing is. I mean right! – [All] Oh come on! – That dude is in a banana
hammock on national television! (laughing) And you’re telling me that’s all right but like her, I mean you
can’t help it it’s there! I’m so mad today. (laughing) I am! No but so what was
your, we heard that they kind of are deciding to maybe
overturn this modesty rule for the women right? Like by the end of the year? – So between the blog post going viral and them having that on
their desk sitting down to make a choice about it, it took them less than 24
hours to return her victory. – [Lady In red] Good. (cheering) – Yeah. – I mean I know those 24 hours probably really stunk for you because
you worked really hard and you just didn’t know why. But god it’s amazing that they did turn it around that quickly,
– It was fast. usually it’s a lot longer. – So is the rule changed? – It is suspended, pending review. – Oh come on. – What’s the rule? – Technically what is the rule? Go to that board meeting! (laughing) – The rule in the rule book states that you gotta wear a suit that
covers the important parts. Now the rule kinda sets
everybody up to fail because it doesn’t specify how much of the important stuff needs to be covered. – Oh okay. – They should probably
look at that anyway. But, ya know. – And no one’s looking
at that at a swimming – Nobody’s looking at that
– And if you are you’re a creep.z
– She’s swimming! You’re actually a creep – She’s competing!
– if you’re looking at that. (audience applauding) – Like leave her alone.
– Whatever!

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