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88-Year-Old Figure Skater I Steve Harvey

88-Year-Old Figure Skater I Steve Harvey

– Before we go, I’d like to take a moment to talk about this woman. There’s an 88-year old, Coralie Raunig, who after taking a 45-year
hiatus from ice skating, took it up when she was 65-years old. – [Woman] Wow! – Now although everybody
thought she was crazy for returning to such a slippery
sport as a senior citizen, she not only succeeded but she
became a fierce competitor. Now, recently taking home the award for being the oldest competitor in the Adult Figure Skating Championships. – [Crowd] Wow, woo hoo. – Well, joining us now is Miss Raunig. (audience cheering) Miss Coralie, how you doing, ma’am? – I’m doing great, thank you. – Yeah, you’re looking
good, too, there, I see ya. – I feel good. – Well, if you ice skating, I bet you do. All I can think about is if I had fell. My wife did an ice skating rink at our house for Christmas for the kids, I couldn’t go out there, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t risk falling. You’re not worried about the falling part? – Falling is part of figure
skating, ice skating. You learn to fall, you pick yourself up, and you keep on going. (audience cheering) It’s just a part of the skate. – So, Miss Coralie, let
me ask you this question. How often do you go out there and train? – I train twice a week
for an hour each time. – Really? Who designs these amazing outfits and costumes that you wear? – I have a wonderful coach that we design, we figure out the music
that I’m gonna skate, and then we design the costumes together. And then I sew them so they fit my body and we sort of combine with
this, we work together. – Wow, let me, well. (audience clapping) Miss Coralie, what do you say
to all those people out there who tell you that you’re too old? – Really I kind of laugh
at them but I tell them, no, you should get out there and skate. When I’m skating, if I have things that I
might’ve worried about, you don’t worry about them at all. You have freedom and
you’re really on your own, and you just skate. So, I tell them to join
me and see what it’s like. – Wow, well Miss Coralie, all I can say is you are truly, truly an inspiration. I really enjoyed watching you out there, and you inspired me, I might go skating. (audience cheering) I might go and try.
– We welcome you. – Thank you so much, darling. That’s our show for today. If you wanna see some
behind the scenes footage, follow us at Facebook at Steve TV Show. We will see you next time, everybody. ♪ Every day is a good day ♪ ♪ Every day, every day ♪

33 thoughts on “88-Year-Old Figure Skater I Steve Harvey”

  1. Good morning Mr. Steve Harvey! Great story. God bless this beautiful Lady. I love it! Skate to your heart's desire darlin'. Just beautiful!

  2. Anyone thinking of telling your nana to take inspiration etc.
    For the love of God DON'T.
    Learn from my mistake.
    You're NEVER too old to get a whopping from gran.
    Stay blessed people ?

  3. Steve, I’m sure there has to be a channel that wants you and pays you what you’re worth. I just pray, if that’s the case, you’re interested. From Puerto Rico. We love you and we miss you Steve!

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