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60 Days of 60 Days In: Jeff Gets Beat Up (Season 1 Flashback) | A&E

60 Days of 60 Days In: Jeff Gets Beat Up (Season 1 Flashback) | A&E

100 thoughts on “60 Days of 60 Days In: Jeff Gets Beat Up (Season 1 Flashback) | A&E”

  1. Saying “I didn’t do nothing” is a great way to display weakness. And it was probably a sting the inmates cooked up to get him to give them money especially if they hear someone is there for embezzlement all an inmate would think is money

  2. Man our county jails aren’t like this everyone is chill…the pod I was in we all help each other as long we pitch in and stuff…

  3. Yeah, dude is in for a long ride. Learning to mind your business and learning to throw a punch is important. No talk just action.

  4. In jail they are all predators if you don't defend yourself or too friendly or trusting you are setting yourself up for failure, nobody is your friend in jail and asking for help from the cops is making things worst every single inmate will see you as garbage

  5. When you voluntarily sign up to a programme you can't deal with. Who's got the problem? Can you imagine what would really happen with no get outta jail free card?

  6. I don't understand western men why tf are you at that age and don't know how to protect yourself ? Did you ever get in a fight ?

  7. Any Correction Officer who does not respond to an inmate being attacked should be Fired on the spot and criminal charges of negligence levied against them. That's what the Scum gets paid for.

  8. Are Americans that stupid they can’t see this is set up for entertainment.
    Look as the frames change from the CCTV perspective where you can see no camera man in the corner and then straight to a 3rd person view of the aftermath of the attack being filmed from the corner of there room where there previously was no one stood

  9. Firstly this is staged….secondly I notice a lot of people say hes security so he should able to defend himself…WRONG… security guards are paid to De-escalate situations not add more heat…. clearly none of you ever worked security. The job especially if you work a night club is to get information, detect trouble, and stop it before it starts so business is not disturbed.

  10. Where did he exactly train at to be a security officer?, because if I ever wanna become a security guard I’m never gonna go there.

  11. Don't prisoners know if they would just be nice and create a fun community that going to jail would stop being such a bad thing? Imagine the law getting mad when you are enjoying your time. It would be awesome. It's up to the inmates how they want life to be.

  12. I did 5 years.. The best way is hit iron and shut the fk up. When someone gets close, knock the fk out of them. All of a sudden they stay clear. Dont buy anything extra on store. Get only what YOU need.

  13. Wow he messed up from jump smh
    Poor guy.
    Wait what am I talking about?
    God done made my heart warm ……weird. this is weird.

  14. LMAO they reup on this Packing every few months…he got the most pizazzed scenes besides homies wife showing the buttery cheeks ?

  15. can you imagine? someone says something false and you get everyones wrath. the mental case should be put into a cell by himself.

  16. I see people talking about mental issues
    Anybody realize they only attack people they believe they got a physical advantage over
    Show me the guy attacking a more physically opposing man like the marine
    They are cowards is all

  17. Idk how his natural reaction wasn't to fk dude up for stealing off on him. That goes against your basic instincts of being a human to not wanna seriously hurt someone for doing that to you. Fight back bro… Now he has the smallest dude in there telling him he needs to pay him for protection????

  18. You gotta realize that you cannot pay for protection, you think you can but you can't. You have to man up and realize that Epstein didn't kill himself

  19. What just happened? What type of a man doesn’t fight back at all! He must be a security guard at a children’s school! He better watch out my kid might punk him for his lunch money!!!

  20. And now he’s a target. Should’ve fought back. Holding your face and saying wtf over again is a sign of weakness. You swing even if you can’t see and might lose. Simple.

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