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5 Freestyle drills to help you swim smooth

5 Freestyle drills to help you swim smooth

Even if you are an elite swimmer, you can
always benefit from doing drills, that is because your stroke will never be perfect. Having said that, there are some common mistakes
that most of us do during our freestyle technique. So we will go over some drills to fix them. Finger tip drag This drill will help you keep a high elbow
when you recover the arm. This will also help you feel the water and
give you immediate feedback as to where your hand is entering the water. You should also keep a relaxed wrist and fingers
to save up energy. This high elbow recovery is the most effective
way to carry your arm back in front. 3 strokes and glide Gliding is an important part of the stroke,
specially in distances over a 100. Doing 3 strokes and gliding for about 6 kicks
will help you improve your gliding position. Notice the position of your hands and head
and adjust if they causing frontal drag. Glide rotate glide Some of us don’t rotate enough. This goes hand in hand with the gliding. You need a good rotation in order to glide
and to grab more water with each stroke. So practice gliding and rotating your shoulders,
then come back and rotate again before taking your next stroke. Underwater recovery This will help you feel the frontal drag. It will help your body understand the importance
of the pull. Try to optimize your pull by grabbing all
the water you can while reducing the frontal drag of your other arm by positioning your
hand to be always pointing to the front. Sculling High elbow To pull water backwards from the beginning
of your stroke, you must have a high elbow on the first part of the stroke. So try sculling three times and not moving
your elbow. Just use your forearm and hands. Then do a normal stroke to change arms. If you want more freestyle advice check out
this playlist here. Make sure to subscribe and click on the bell
icon if you don’t want to miss any of our videos. Thanks for watching skillers! See you next time! Swim fast!

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  1. Thank you for teaching us great swimming techniques. Could you please provide subtitles in Portuguese? I'm from Brazil, thanks a lot. "Swim fast>>>>>>"

  2. Thanks! Watching the high elbow on the last drill: amazing flexibility! Reminds me of my need to stretch more, before getting in the water. Now didn't I once see a stretch video you uploaded, way back when?

  3. 부드럽게 헤엄치는 데 좋은 다섯 가지 자유형 부분 훈련

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    1- 손끝 끌기(Finger tip drag, 핑거 팁 드래그)
    2- 세 번 젓고 활강(glide, 글라이드)
    3- 활강, 회전, 활강
    4- 물속으로 팔 되돌리기
    5- 들린 팔꿈치로 손 젓기(sculling, 스컬링)

    첫 번째. 손끝 끌기(Finger tip drag, 핑거 팁 드래그)

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    두 번째. 세 번 젓고 활강(glide, 글라이드)

    활강(gliding, 글라이딩)은 영법에서 중요한 부분입니다, 특히 100을 넘어가는 거리에서는. 세 번 젓고 대략 여섯 번 차기는 활강 자세를 개선하는 데 좋습니다. 머리와 양손의 자세를 알아채면서, 만약 앞 방향 저항이 크다면 자세를 조정하세요.

    세 번째. 활강, 회전, 활강

    일부 사람들은 충분히 회전하지 않습니다. 이 것은 활강(gliding, 글라이딩)과 관련됩니다. 활강하고 당길 때마다 더 많은 물에 걸려면(catch, 캐치) 회전이 좋아야 합니다. 그러므로 활강과 어깨 축 회전을 연습하십시오. 그런 후, 다음 팔 젓기를 하기 전에, 다시 반대로 회전해 오십시오.

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    다섯 번째. 들린 팔꿈치로 손 젓기(sculling, 스컬링)

    당기기의 시작 부분부터 물을 뒤로 당기려면, 당기기의 첫 부분에 팔꿈치가 들려져야(high elbow, 하이 엘보우) 합니다. 그러므로 팔꿈치를 움직이지 않으면서 스컬링(sculling, 손 젓기)을 세 번 해보세요. 팔뚝과 손 만을 이용하십시오. 그런 다음 보통 젓기를 하여 팔을 바꾸십시오.

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  4. Thanks! I have a question about the finger tip drag. I've heard of another drill where instead of dragging in the water, you drag against the side of your body. Then another one where you tap your shoulder before your hand enters the water. Is there anyone better than the other?

  5. i inspired of Skill NT that given to lesson of swim became more is best and actualy lesson awesome that never i seen before.of some video on youtube ::)

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  7. Hey, I have improved watching your videos on YouTube and some what your Instagram videos too I wanted that you just see me swim and guide some more if you can I will be honored….. Thank you

  8. guys… thanks so much. The finger drag is a fantastic drill. I always had a shoulder pain after swimming and this morning was the first time I really enjoyed 1000 freestyle. You are the best.

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  10. Glad to know I'm not the only one who struggles with proper technique. I probably look like a fool but thats ok

  11. I can swim but struggling a lot in d water during breathing out(bubbling) ,, i can't even exhale for a second, within one to two seconds i feel i should take my head out of water to take a breath,otherwise i feel to hold my breath to be in water for some more seconds ,…this is main issue am struggling with, plz help me to fix this

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