4ocean joins Project AWARE on a Dive Against Debris

Hey guys! 4Ocean is down here with
Jack Fishman and Danna Moore with Project AWARE. Jack, what are we doing today? Today’s gonna be a great day to Dive Against Debris. Dive Against Debris is an
action that scuba divers and ocean enthusiasts can take to go underwater
and remove marine debris. We’re looking for things that aren’t supposed to be
there by our influence to make the ocean a better place for all. And Danna, how much have you guys accomplished with this entire campaign? We actually just hit one million pieces of trash, and we wouldn’t have been able to
do that without all you guys out there so if you’ve gotten your fins on and
done a Dive Against Debris, thank you so much! We can’t do any of this without you
at Project AWARE. So for this month we’re launching our
black Shark conservation bracelet. And every dollar we donate to Project AWARE
will be used 100% towards shark conservation. We always ask our
volunteers and community to report entangled animals. so entangled sharks is
a big issue, and we want to make sure that we’re protecting sharks across
the globe and that we’re reporting it when we find hooks and their mouths or
when they’re entangled in any kind of debris. I think it’s time to go do some diving –
you guys ready? All the trash that we collected today on
our dive we are now going through and documenting and inputting into your
guys’ app. Right? So what is this app and how does it work? So the app is
critical because just an easy, user-friendly way for you to report your
data. You just go in, download the app, put your name in and ensure that you can put
all the data that you’ve reported into that survey. So guys, we’ve partnered up
with Project AWARE this month for our shark conservation bracelet. If you want
to learn more about what they’re doing visit or visit where you can purchase a 4Ocean bracelet and help pull a pound
of trash as well as support their awesome efforts. Thank you, guys. Dive Against Debris!

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