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37km-9hour Open Water Marathon Swim in the Winnipeg Red River

37km-9hour Open Water Marathon Swim in the Winnipeg Red River

– Now it’s go time. – In, gentlemen. (water splashing) – Woo! (cheers and applause) (piano music) – This is breakfast number one. Only breakfast. Four hours until we start. (piano music) Back to bed. (cell phone ringing) – Now it’s go time. This slurry is what’s gonna
help me survive the day. 2,500 calories in there. – Whoa. (piano music) (laughs) (piano music) (intense music) (water splashing) – Oh I figured they’d be finished by now. (laughs) I saw them for about 10 feet. (intense music) – Can you show that fisher
line thing in the back? (music drowns out dialogue) (camera snaps) (camera snaps) (water splashing) (music intensifies) (laughs) – If it’s not an
Americano I don’t want it. (laughs) – It is. – Oh that’s the good stuff. (laughs) Yeah. – How you doing? – Good. Feels like a walk right now. – I thought you were okay. (laughs) – That’s why that one has
to wear a life jacket. – Welcome aboard, Pat’s family. – Hello. – Hello. (intense music) – Jacques’ partner, Tory,
and his beautiful daughters. (intense music) – Go, daddy, go! – Go, daddy, go! (laugh) – They’re drinking. (intense music) – And it got cold, I don’t know what it was, but this last kilometer was like I’m already not covering it up, Mike. – Okay. – 10K. – 10K left, guys. – Two hours. – How you doing? – I think he’s gonna help at this point. – I think I’m getting out of the water. – You suffering? – Ah, things just aren’t moving anymore. – Okay. (grunts) – There’s no 10K left. (applause) – Good job. – Good job. (water splashing) (intense music) – We’re all right then. – How’s it going?
– You gonna walk? – Snickers? – Not right now. – Hey. – How’s Taren doing? – Good. He’s cold but good. Final feeding. – That’s the perimeter, right? – That’s the perimeter. How does that look? – Oh, fucking good. (laughs) – End is in sight. – Bringing it home. – Woo! Woo! (laughs) Woo! – It’s off the bucket list. (applause) – Woo! – Yay! (intense music) (water splashing) – Can’t feel my arms. – I’d figure. (grunts) – Man, if that sun
hadn’t come out, like… – How do you feel? – Man, going through Whittier Park there. That was miserable shit. – Were you thinking about
getting in the boat at 4K left? – Oh yeah. No. I’d say when we were
going by Whittier Park and it started to rain. All right, let’s bring
this bitch to shore. (laughs) (intense music) – Good job! (laughs) – Woo! (cheering and applause) (intense music) – We’re gonna need to help lift him on. Woo. We can pull him in. (grunts) You did it! – Your friend film you yet? – I feel bad for him. Sad. – He’s okay. He’s doing good.
– He’s okay? – Oh yeah. What hurts the most on you? – Everything. It’s cold. – You want a towel? – It’s really cold. – So what was your time? What did it say? – Nine hours and four minutes. That’s about as articulate as I can be. – It’s fantastic. – That was awesome. I had to be there. That was awesome. That was great, yeah. I think probably the best things
I’ve ever seen in my life. (laughs) – That was pretty epic. (laughs) (music drowns out dialogue) – The cold. The water was a lot, a lot tougher than we
thought it was gonna be. I think the averages for this time of year were about 10 degrees fahrenheit warmer. And then there were some spots where the wind just turned coming into Fraser’s Grove and like right through the end here, that we had, even though it was maybe only one or one and a half foot waves it was tough. And it’s tough to catch a breath. – Not an advisable mode of transportation. – Let’s never do this again. – Yeah. – Yeah. – You know, people should
really just bike or bus. (intense music) – All right, trainiacs, long swim is over. Thanks No Triathlon Kim for
getting all that footage. Oddly enough, the most painful
part of my body right now is my vlogging wrist. You’d think that it would be super strong. So we’re going to Coach Pat’s now for a celebrity support crow– Support crew. (mumbles) I lost some brain cells there. Support crew and swimmer pizza party, and I am vlogging that. I’m sorry, I don’t got it up here. I don’t got it up here. Tomorrow I will answer any marathon open-water
swimming questions you’ve got, considering that we just
did a bunch of open-water marathon swimming. Or just open-water swimming. Ask them in the comments below this video, and I’ll spend tomorrow answering them. Thank you so much for supporting me throughout all this training, trainiacs. I just opened up my phone
and you guys blew it up. And while I couldn’t
see all those messages while I was out there, it was pretty lonely, because Pat and Jacques were
about a mile ahead of me for a good chunk of it, but I knew that all of you
were getting down and dirty in the DM on my phone. Thanks for all that. Pizza time now. Bye, trainiacs. Oh, hey, how about getting
back to triathlon Taren, instead of swimming Taren, huh? Huh? Yeah!

100 thoughts on “37km-9hour Open Water Marathon Swim in the Winnipeg Red River”

  1. Awesome swim, well done!
    I'm preparing for a 12k swim across lake Geneva with some friends. Any advice for what to wear? the water should be between 19° and 21°C and we're hesitant between floaty pants, sleeveless wetsuit or full wetsuit.. Also how did the nutrition aspect go?

  2. Congratulations Taren. It was truly amazing.
    Not that many questions in the comments so far, here are mine
    1. why did you separate from Pat & Jaques? was this planned or just happened?
    2. what was the water & air temperature? how strong was the current, wind?
    3. how did you cope mentally with swimming alone? what were you listing long the way? music, books, podcasts?
    4. what wetsuit did you use and why? was the shoulder mobility in the wetsuit an issues along the way?
    5. on the move one can see that you guy were doing different strokes along the way (back, breast, etc. ) was this planed, how long/often did you do it? Did it help?
    6. how much attention did you manage to attract from media, people on the banks of the river (in the city)?
    7. how did your face/eyes coped with the pressure of the goggles? Did you use any trick here
    8. Did you use any cream/fat/etc. to protect your skin on the hands, feet, face from water and cold. I know that people who attempt to swim English Channel use something like that
    9. swimming for 10h is tough, but how was it for the supporting crew on the boats? Were they cold, bored, busy, exhausted? – this is a question to non-triathlon-Kim
    10. what is next for you Taren? for sure you gonna keep on doing triathlons, but what is the "next big thing" for you? Any ideas already?

  3. absolutely amazing, well done!!!. Are sharks not a concern in that river? I'm from .au , so this is always in the back of my mind, even during organised events…

  4. Awesome achievement Taren. You must have had some pretty solitary moments there, but your mental toughness won through. ??

  5. Amazing stuff Taren, very inspiring. Was there any point in the swim where you kind of lost focus or got a bit terrified? How did you cope with that?

  6. Did you wear booties? I noticed you did not wear gloves, would it have helped? I was doing escape from Alcatraz (swim got cancelled) but the water was 10 C .. and it worried me. Any advice for staying warm?

  7. great job, you might also wanne check out Maarten van der weijden olympic gold medalist who this week swum 80 km from city to city

  8. Congratulations on a huge success! I have to admit I was all teary eyed watching this. This was so amazing! I'm new to this crazy lifestyle. I completed my very first solo Tri this past Sunday and I have to thank you for all the coaching tips and "keep it real " advise. Keep all the great and useable videos coming!! Your AWESOME!!! Btw…I placed 3(11) in my age group. 109(306) Overall!!! I used your training tips from the swim to the run and was amazed at my success. Thank you so so much for doing this!!

  9. You know it's a tough set when Coach Pat is forced to drop out with 10km left. Ridiculous. Unbelievable achievement.

  10. So so proud of you guys!! I had tears in my eyes when you made it a point to swim over and touch the wall!!! Way to go and thanks for taking us with you!!!

  11. Amazing job! The physical challenge of this and then add the mental aspect is inspirational. So glad you shared this journey with us.

  12. Congrats Man, I am still trying to get my first 1km pool without stopping, you inspires me.
    Question time – Was this a recurring event or was it a one time thing the tree of you came up with?
    Drunk friends bar talk: Hey why dont we swin 37KM next summer —YEAHHH great idea lets do that!

  13. I have trouble swimming straight. Idk if it's a form issue or due to breathing on my left side pushes me to the right. I am a pretty efficient, strong swimmer, and like open water swimming just seems that I'm over sighting in order to go straight. Do you have any ideas or solutions? Thanks

  14. Have been following your videos. Truly inspirational. Can I get some tips on how to get rid of fear of swimming in deep water and open water?

  15. The Don Valley River is 38k. Anyone down? 😉

    Great job Taren! GOAT!!!

    Q. You mad bro? And I don't mean angry mad

  16. Great!! You're a beast Taren :). And the video is lovely as well. What was in that slurry? And on a slurry note, when you pee in a wetsuit, does the urine just slosh around your body or can you accelerate "water change" somehow? I know your arms/hands/wrists hurt at the moment, but I am patient XD

  17. Congratulations to all of you. It's been a pleasure to follow you through all the way until that day. And well, I figure that higher risk of hypothermia is one of the few downsides of being so fuc*** lean as Pat is.

  18. This is amazing !! Well done !! Watching your videos help me achieve but watching you achieve is awesome because your goals are so much more hardcore !!!

  19. Can I ask for open water swimming the scariest part are the waves. how do you ensure you aren't taking on water? I suck at not drinking what I am swimming in……

  20. Congrats! Such a motivational accomplishment! Thank you for sharing. And, I love your choice of epic background music!

  21. my swimming technique tends to fluctuate based on how reflexed and mentally prepared I am, what's your tips to help you relax and chill out in the water? e.g some people have mantras/ think of songs….

  22. whoa! did your company relocate? was this a commuting video? better put a jet ski on the Christmas list!

  23. Congrats Taren!! Can you give a bit more detail about that slurry you were drinking during the swim? I am doing my first long open water swim on Sunday (6.5 miles in the San Francisco Bay) and am ironing out final nutrition details!

  24. Hats off to you, Taren! Winnipeg's proud of you! Red River will now be a source of inspiration for us trainiacs!

  25. Greetings from Ireland!!!!
    New to this vlog … and I love it. Well done on the swim. Epic. Keep up the good work dude.

  26. Amazing achievement, Taren… How did you get over the hump from being say a 2km swimmer to a 10km swimmer? is it better techniques / just plain training?

  27. what an awesome and amazing job you did. Man you blew my mind with your achievement. Honestly, I'm keep respecting you more and more. Love what you are doing Champ.

  28. From the UK – well done Taren, you bossed it. Great admiration for your achievements and all the fun guidance and how you make triathlon accessible for all.

  29. Wow 9 hours in the water my goodness you are a true inspiration i would like to do some swim marathons in future i hope. Well done you are a hero

  30. Total crap. Increasing distance is the easiest thing to do, increasing speed is the hard thing, these sort of people are desperate to be heros so they pick somethimg that sounds hard but actually isnt. Swimming at this pace is akin to walking. The only impressive element to tasks such these is the capacity for boredom these people have.

  31. Congratulations Taren !! Good performance and achievement .. wish you the best .. you encourage us .

  32. Hey! Tarn i wanna ask you and hope you'll answer me ,im about to swim 16km and i don't have alot of experience but i,m tall guy and i'm good at swimming but never tried long distance before,do you think i can do it? cause i wanna do it no matter what? please reply me

  33. why the heck did he swim in the red river theres poop in the red river thats why he shouldint swim there he can feel the poop

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