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3 heures de train pour jouer au Curling – Montagne de Champéry Switzerland – Vlog

3 heures de train pour jouer au Curling – Montagne de Champéry Switzerland – Vlog

[Music] [Music] [Music] or 2 [Music] and and [Music] [Applause] aulas the traveling tracking shot so you’re happy with your day is the end it’s really too good i spare you the preliminaries all the explanations of sport is really interesting but it’s a bit long and there we are in the middle of shopping family cyprus with family to michel it’s soon my return i’m not in the best yet and who got off really well we have even some kind of people club fans looking out the window [Music] like not bad [Music] well done and at Oh no [Music] all and [Music] [Music] at the position it’s the best she trains in the final says michel richer [Music] frankly it’s super how more at each step would have dropped but that makes you think the kind of petanque in fact it’s a kind of petanque but you don’t throw you don’t throw mud by against then does that does a lot more cold than pétanque [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] and you took your lesson you took your lesson [Music] it develops the necessary which the best is still small at small under the island [Music] the difference with the bone and that the line follow up don’t like their time training each time between each shot a little less in your salads like that I sweep not [Music] balea went very quickly [Music] eight blue the blue of the blues everywhere we is really the best [Music] [Applause] [Music] amazing he has time Noah overview at so there for now burst them totally it’s indisputable flea market operators [Music] going 1 to the tampon good bye and thank you [Music] good ultimately the coolest in this the most interesting sport is style that we manage to develop afterwards figure skating with ten sneakers years [Music] no no to math in we still had one other there she is where we bad losers it’s not possible at the docks crowded icon rank tied no no no but frankly we are tied and that’s it a precision gauge no no 3 cm well done michel there are guys who are come in traditional dress no you you didn’t have your chicken costume [Music] alone in the compartment establishing
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5 thoughts on “3 heures de train pour jouer au Curling – Montagne de Champéry Switzerland – Vlog”

  1. sorry for being so late Greg to watch your videos. so hard to be a student at the same time an employee. it is all about on how to manage the time. it's better late than never beautiful soul.❤️

  2. Wow it’s my first time to watch playing curling 🥌 is it popular in Switzerland 🇨🇭? looks interesting 😯 btw nice video with the music Greg 👏

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