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2019 Smith Vantage MIPS Helmet Overview by SkisDotCom and SnowboardsDotCom

2019 Smith Vantage MIPS Helmet Overview by SkisDotCom and SnowboardsDotCom

Hey, I’m Rob from and, joined today by Jim from Smith – Jim, thanks for being here. Thanks, Rob, for having me. So we’re talking about a new helmet from Smith. Old helmet but new technology I guess is a better way of saying it, the Vantage with MIPS. A really cool helmet in their lineup, let’s start first with kind of the construction of the helmet with the hybrid shell, right? Right, exactly. We do the hybrid SL shell which is in-mold construction with an ABS topsheet so you’ve kind of got the best of both worlds and then within that we are offering our ventilation system which is world renowned. You have the ability to open and close the vents independently front and back so you get exhaust port, completely shut down or wide open all the way. For sure and that’s an incredible feature with a helmet, especially a helmet like this, backcountry or just – I mean you’re getting a lot of use – you’re on the hill for long periods of time so being able to dial in that perfect climate inside the helmet is huge. Yeah, it really is, helmets can be really warm so it’s important to have that ventilation. And then along with that we are using MIPS in a lot of our helmets for next year which is a great protection system, you’ll find it in four or five of the models, it really helps with any of the impacts that are rotational and it’s really a sign of the future and you’ll see more and more of that coming down the pipe. For sure, it’s an exciting feature in this helmet and then a really great fit system on this helmet too. It is, we’re using BOA 360 which offers the consumer a full wrap of the head versus just the back and it really dials in the fit and it just makes a big, big difference and worth every penny of it. Absolutely and really being able to dial in that fit, just like ventilation, having that perfect fit on your head is huge and makes the helmet so much safer and way more comfortable too. And then kind of a smaller feature but still a really cool feature with this helmet is the audio compatible. Yep, they are, all Smith helmets are actually audio compatible and they all have a zipper right in the ear flaps here. You open up your zipper, drop your pods in and you’re off to the hill with some music or whatever it may be. Perfect, so there you go, the Vantage with MIPS – a really cool helmet in Smith’s lineup. You can check it out on and, Jim thanks for joining us. Thanks Rob. And thank you for joining us.

4 thoughts on “2019 Smith Vantage MIPS Helmet Overview by SkisDotCom and SnowboardsDotCom”

  1. Smith Quantum 2016 and 2017 have been recalled in USA and Canada regarding the strap coming undone and not being safe. This has put me off purchasing.

  2. Nice helmet. I bought at the end of the season and found a huge discount. One big problem is that Smiths does not show how to remove the ear pads. Not on the web site, not on youtube. They say they are, but I can't find instructions anywhere. It says to pull them down and they pop out – that part is accurate. But, they don't tell you how to remove it from the BOA cord that runs thru it??? Also, they do run small. I wear a size right on the border of small to medium (favoring a small). Thx to the comments of others online I went with the medium and it fits perfect!
    I'd also like a better explanation of using ear buds. I thought the zipper at the back was for adding a little more pad to fit better. And where does the cord to your ear run??? it appears that there is a place where there is a hole on one of the ear pads – is that it? Thx to anyone that can help answer these.

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