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2019 Salomon XDR Series Skis Overview by SkisDotCom

2019 Salomon XDR Series Skis Overview by SkisDotCom

Hi I’m Adam from and today I want to talk to you about a fantastic new line of skis from Salmon. These are the XDR’s. XDR has a ski for everyone from your bare bones beginner starting with the XDR 75 all the way up to your hard charging aggressive expert with the XDR 88Ti. These guys are loaded with technology, bringing you a fantastic skiing experience. And also overall more enjoyment on the mountain. All of them are designed with Salomons CFX Super Fiber Construction, that really adds a lot of power and stability, and responsiveness to the ski. But also makes the skis weigh much, much lighter than previous versions. The all-mountain shape of the XDR skis has a little more of a free ride feel, the same way that a freeride ski would, even though they are designed primarily for the front side of the mountain and just carving smooth turns. All-Mountain Rocker 2.0 has a rockered tip, camber unde foot and rocker in the tail for quick,, smooth and easy turn initiation. Grip and rebound when you’re in the crucks of your turn, and easy releases as you exit the turn. The top two skis in the XDR line with the XDR 88 and the XDR 84 have the Warden MNC 13 Binding which really allows you to use any type of boot sole you want. Whether you’re riding in an AT boot a WTR boot, or just a standard Alpine Sole. The new XDR 78 has the new Mercury binding system much more lightweight compact heel, very easy to step into helps reduce the skis weight by about 15% or so. Check out all the Salomon XDR skis at, as well as on snow reviews and we’ll see ya on the slopes.

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  1. Nice video Adam. I ski 70% piste & 30% off. 210 lbs. Advanced intermediate. Not a hard-charger. XDR 88 or QST 99 are my top choices. Help! Too many great choices. Let's not even bring other manufacturers like Elan.

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