2018 Smith Camber MIPS Helmet Overview by SkisDotCom and SnowboardsDotCom

Hey, I’m Rob from and, joined today by Jim from Smith. Jim, thanks for being here. Thanks for having me Rob. So we’re talking about the Camber with MIPS. So the Camber has been in the line for a little bit but now we’re adding MIPS to it this year which is really cool. Let’s start first with the shell in general. It’s an in-mold shell on this helmet right? In-mold construction which keeps it really lightweight which is such a key important part to any helmet and we’re using the X-Static lining which is also really nice. You can remove it, hand wash it, do whatever you need to. Those are the most prominent features and then, of course, the AirEvac ventilation system which is something Smith’s been really proud of over the years. It allows air to flow all the way through the helmet and let it exhaust port out the back which keeps the head cool. And then also adjustable ventilation on the top so you can really dial in kind of that climate inside the helmet which is awesome. There’s all sorts of different conditions, even throughout one day on the hill, so being able to really dial it in from run to run is a huge feature. Now we’re also adding MIPS to this helmet this year. MIPS is a nice improvement on this helmet. MIPS stands for multi-directional impact protection system and it really helps with any falls that are rotational when you hit the snow. And then a nice fit system here with the BOA, right? Yeah, the BOA has been a great feature on all of our products and it really dials in the fit so you get a nice comfortable wrap on the back of the head and overall feels like a hat instead of a helmet. For sure and that’s incredible, being able to really find that perfect, perfect fit. Everyone’s head shapes a little different so being able to truly dial in the fit on this helmet is awesome. And then a smaller feature, audio compatible. Yep, all the Smith helmets are audio compatible. You take the helmet and you’ll see right on the ear flaps there’s a zipper that we can open up, drop your buds in and you’re good to go, listening to whatever it may be on the hill. Perfect. So there you have it, the Camber from Smith, a super lightweight helmet, adding MIPS this year which is absolutely an incredible feature with it. You can check it out on and Jim, thanks for joining us. Thanks for having me. Thank you for joining us.

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