33 thoughts on “2017 Snowmobile Season: Episode 3”

  1. According to Ski-doo, their new 850 e-tec is the first 2 stroke to have the same reliability and longevity as a four stroke. Will be interesting to see whether this is true and if it is, hopefully they will incorporate that technology into future 600's.

  2. dam I want to move up there.. my girlfriend loves it in Alaska ..she wants to move.. she eye dr assistant in surgery .. how eye drs around there?

  3. Oh the lamentations of the Back Country 2016 and beyond, need you remind me ;P Having fun on the Enduro but soon it will not be so much as we pile up the snow with the ice ripper track. At least we have an amazing network of groomed trails here in Eastern Manitoba but I like the elbow room of the back country myself.

    Appreciate your testing methods on the ice. We've lost 3 snow mobilers to the ice so far this year in Manitoba, one an outdoor instructor and trapper from Nelson House, real tragedies all. Sounds like all 3 were seasoned riders, RIP. Recommendation for you: consider keeping the SPOT Messenger on your person just in case the sled goes through the ice. Like to keep mine tucked away in my jacket; good for the batteries too.

    Congrats on 10,0000 kms! Know a guy with a GSX with 12,000kms a year or two ago and still running strong last I heard. The new 850s claim to have the same longevity as the 4 strokes . . . BINGO. That will be my next sled if the reality lives up to the claims. Rule #1: don't buy first generation motors. Great vids Allan, you know how to tell a story.

  4. The E-tec continues to impress you eh..what was it they did to the new Backcountry that's not agreeable for you?
    Might we see some riding with Mama-sled and Papa-sled this season? The enthusiasm and energy amongst you three is contagious…lol.

  5. so glad your back bro really enjoy your videos true life situations. nice watching a video on snowmobiling without a bunch of rock music in the background. not that I don't like rock and roll. keep it real keep the shiny side up . this year calling for lots of snow Michigan's got a great start Merry Christmas Big Al

  6. Great entertainment as usual Allan. How much snow do you have in yellowknife in finland where i live we have about 10 inches of snow

  7. Its got a bad main bearing. I've had the same thing happen on another sled. It acts like it was just shut off… Pull the motor.

  8. Are you effected by the wrapping paper shortage in Yellowknife? Did you have to get came wrapping paper from Canadian Tire? Now all your friends are cheese at you because they can't see there presents under the tree and think you hot them nothing.

  9. Allan, do you remember what height windshield you have? I bought an MXZX sled this year and am looking at options, as the stock shield is so low. How do you feel about the one piece shields that Skidoo is versus the three piece getup?

  10. Allan, do you believe that theres a true quality or performance difference between the 4 sled brands? You and your guys put alot of miles on your machines. I ride an old SRX right now but looking to replace if winter picks up here in Michigan. I like them all, I don't do a lot of miles, and the trail system here is very good, mostly. Everyone has their own opinion I know. Whats yours?

    edit: spelling

  11. Man, when is the next episode comming?! I'm so stoked, these videos of yours are pretty fun to watch 😀 I'm going sledding tomorrow for a while before going to get my shocks looked at to fill the pressure up before going back to sledding some more.

  12. Four inches of black ice. Plenty. I've lived on a lake practically my entire life too.  Four is plenty. I do the stomp test. If I can stomp my foot down and don't see any cracking from my foot impacting, she's good to go!

  13. Allan my dad got a new sled yesterday. It is a 2007 Arctic cat Jaguar 120. Here is the funny part I just tapped on the gas and I went flying forward ?

  14. Cool vids, you had me worried when 2016 didnt get posted right away! Quick question, what helmet do you recommend for yellowknife riding?

  15. The new 850 will be good.The crank bearings are oiled now,has the 4 stroke abilities in a 2 stroke.Skidoo should have in the backcountry this model year 2018.

  16. Hey Allan I was watching this video and my phone kept shutting off because of the Polaris because I love arctic cat

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