oh my god take my name tomorrow Olá YouTube my name is Ricardo Lino and i´m a Wheel addict I’m in the airport
in Barcelona Airport I’m about to leave to Berlin and I’m by myself
why well I was supposed to go with me to Berlin but it took too long to buy the
flights I told him like five days and everything was fully booked so here I am
I already met Kevin James the guy that I made this video with in Cape Town like
four months ago so I already met Kevin at the airport is
gonna be waiting for me in Berlin and then we’re going to the place where I’m
gonna be able hopefully to get my registration by the way Sam from from
Indonesia just send me a message about four days ago
five days ago maybe where it told me that
suddenly it got injured the injured in a knee and he had to make like a small
surgery and you won’t be able to make the marathon but because he couldn’t
make the marathon he told me that it would like me to do the marathon with
these registrations so today you’re gonna try to pick the his registration
stuff and and that’s it I’m gonna try to make the marathon maybe I’m gonna be
called Sam tomorrow so follow me on this journey think about hospital tonight was a
pleasure having you onboard how I hope to see you back soon okay so let’s make that marriage Berlin I’m here now let me meet Kevin
which should be coming somewhere around the corner boom boom you got their medicine clothes how many more than zero we already call him Kevin marathon for
Kevin 42 for his friends we’re Jim jiving and we decided to miss
our train stuff ya know we were lucky because our friend helped extreme
rollaway conversations aggressive dogs so I have a unique name they call me the
forward turtle but unique that the forward turtle good
night if the would tank turtle take it up check its the wood tanker touristing that’s it I’m gonna be called I’m gonna be called
Sam tomorrow how’s your knee still bleeding
it’s okay what happened I hit by a crazy motorcycle hit the road seven days before the was it the first
man sir yes this is my first in line but you had your tickets I’m here with
my wife who were you live in Indonesia pralaya my
the second-largest country in Asia it’s only one hour we played from okay I only
know Bali Molly I’ve got the beautiful I want to go back yeah and I wanna go okay
okay I don’t know it is workable or not then whatever efforts right it is the
number oh my god take my name tomorrow take my name tomorrow oh man thank you
so much yep oh my god I’ll buy you I’ll buy it
I’ll buy this from you hey you need to try it first I think you need to type us
we don’t know it’s gone okay so tomorrow if you worry the important thing is this
holding anything I cannot rip this thing but I try to
it’s still intact you need to find a way we’ll find a way but but you need to
strap this thing maybe we’ll find that you need to give me the time but let me tell us
something whatever whatever that thing is done
I’ll give me that back next year I will surely have okay okay yeah thank you so
much and we have ours and I tell them okay
thought they would be R tomorrow feel okay it’s okay
so again thank if I brought the fairest and after okay okay what about tomorrow 42 42 believe it or not I think
I’m going to be able to make the marathon so it’s been a really really
busy day for me I slept like I don’t know two or three hours trying to pack
my stuff and then it was a mission basically to get to the airport I did it
landed in Berlin I’m here and super tired seconds you know this is tomorrow
my name is going to be Sam well so too Sam
from Indonesia I want to say thank you so so so much so basically I can’t say
that I’m happy of the accident that happened to Sam so basically Sam had
like a motorcycle accident a few weeks ago and yet to do like a little surgery
to his knee so basically he had the registration before also yet his flight
is in Berlin right now with his wife but he won’t be able to make the marathon so
he sent me a message and he told me that it will love to to to give ease
registration of the marathon to me so that I could do the marathon and that’s
it yeah tomorrow I have DS and then tomorrow is going to be Samuel
Vincent and I also have the little bracelet so you can call me Sam 42 this
is what I’m supposed to use on my skate so that I can so that I can check the
time that I do in the marathon I’m not expecting to do like a really good time
basically I’m gonna be scanning the whole marathon I’m I also need to do
some filming for powerslide and at the same time I’m gonna try to make a live
feed at the same time that I’m filming for another job so it might be quite
confusing something really awesome it’s T’s well I can’t tell it the name
of the person who gave me this but is it is there’s a little F next to my finger
here this F means that I would leave in Group F which is the last group to leave
basically the slowest guys the ones that never did marathons and all that I did
do marathons and I do know that I’m not going to do the best time but someone
can’t tell you a lot about these gave me T’s and when I put D sticker on my number that means there are all be in
the third group to leave next to the real fast guys so I’ll be in the middle
of the confusion skating with them so to the guy that gave me T’s I didn’t know
your name thank you so much I just the one it cause trouble to anyone and now I just gotta try to write it is
real fast I’m going to try to sleep a little bit because I need the rest
before the marathon if you’re watching this video in the morning you can find
me at the bar slide booth all the morning and till the marathon and if
you’re not subscribe to the channel maybe do it right now because I’m
planning on doing a live feed of these marathons so even if I’m scared right
now I’m gonna try to make those 42 kilometers 42 point something and I want
to thank you at me so don’t forget Sam 42 here is about fun so if you like this
video give me a thumbs up if you didn’t like the video give me some thumbs down
tomorrow there will be skating for sure and the rest of the days too
I’ll be posting scaling and I’ll make sure that I never forgot why I did start
skating so and you should never forget why I started skating because it’s fun
cheers guys Sam 42 he’s gonna go sleep right now see you tomorrow

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