2016 Smith Squad Goggle Overview by SkisDotCom and SnowboardsDotCom

Hey, I’m Rob from and, joined today by Jim from Smith. Jim, thanks for being here. Thanks for having me, Rob. So we’re talking about a really cool goggle in Smith’s lineup, the Squad. It’s not new this year but i’s re-worked for the 2015-2016 season. What’s kind of the first biggest feature that jumps out at you with this one? Well, this is such a great goggle for us, it’s one of our stronger cylindrical lense goggles and cylindrical meaning it’s traditional shape and traditional cut, but it ships with two lenses. One being mirrored, which is in the goggle and the second being the high-intensity yellow, which is in the box, which is a great value. Absolutely, such an incredible value for a goggle like this and being able to have a goggle that will cover a range of light conditions on the hill is absolutely fantastic. And a nice comfortable fit for the customer too? Really good fit we use a double layer face foam so you’ve got the ability to have a solid fit, no air getting in and then we also, on the back of all the straps and all smith goggles, we use a silicon bead so it helps it adhere to the helmet when it’s being used. Absolutely, such a great feature taking your goggles off putting them on, especially with a helmet or on the lift they’re not going to fall off your head which is awesome. Really, really great goggle and some nice ventilation on the goggle too so it’s really going to keep the goggle from fogging up. Great ventilation everything is coated with an anti-fog material so it really should be no issues at all with fog on this goggle. Absolutely. I’m a huge fan of the Squad. You can check it out on and Jim, thanks for joining us. Thanks for having me. And thank you for joining us.

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