2016 POC Lid Goggle Overview by SkisDotCom and SnowboardsDotCom

Hey, I’m Rob from and, joined today by Jeff from POC. Jeff, thanks for being here. So we’re talking about the Lid. A really cool goggle in POC’s lineup, the most unique thing for me with this goggle is the fact that it’s that frameless design, really. Yeah and with the frameless design you get a couple of things: obviously, your field of vision is giant, there’s no obstructions, nothing in the way, no frame that you can see and the lense – we have a really unique lense replacement system so it’s really easy to do if you want to change that out. Absolutely and then also, Zeiss lenses on this too. Yeah, absolutely, throughout the line we’re all Zeiss lenses now which is a big uptick in optical quality. Absolutely. And then we were actually just talking about this before we started filming, it sits pretty close to your face which is going to help with that field of view but still a really good, comfortable fit with the triple-layer face foam. Right, it’s a low profile frame and it’s also very flexible and when it gets cold it’s still going to form to the face really well and the triple-layer foam makes it really comfortable too. Absolutely. And then also, silicon around the entire strap to help keep the goggle in place whether you’re wearing a helmet or wearing a beanie. Yeah, absolutely. It will stick to the helmet no matter the temperature and you don’t need to have the goggle clip on it, it’ll stay in place, just when you’re on the chairlift make sure that you don’t flip over the back. So really cool goggle, lots of features, great field of view really very few blind spots with this goggle, very comfortable fitting goggle. The Lid from POC, check it out on and and thanks for joining us.

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