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2016 Giro Contact Goggle Overview by SkisDotCom and SnowboardsDotCom

2016 Giro Contact Goggle Overview by SkisDotCom and SnowboardsDotCom

Hey, I’m Rob from and, joined today by John from Giro. John, thanks for being here. Oh, absolutely. So we’re talking about a brand new goggle to Giro’s lineup for the 15-16 season, the Contact. I’m super excited for this goggle. Kind of building on what the Onset and the Compass did with EXV but taking it to a whole new level. Yeah, drum roll for sure. If you dug the Onset the or the Compass then the new Contact is going to freak you out. Absolutely. So we’ll start with EXV; huge field of view plus Zeiss lenses, so the optics are incredible here. Yeah, EXV has been our platform and story for an expansion view and literally has the biggest optics everywhere you need them that are still helmet compatible, whether it’s going on your beanie or helmet, huge range of field of view everywhere. And then a super comfortable fit on this goggle too. It’s a little bit of a larger fit but really comfortable on your face with the triple-layer face foam. Yeah, anywhere from medium to large, to extra large, every head shape is going to get covered in this. And then you have that triple plush face foam which is nice and really nice port vents on the top as well. The Contact is loaded with comfort features, but most importantly, the optics in here are incredible. Yeah, it’s absolutely incredible and then silicon bead on the straps is going to hold onto your helmet, hold on to your beanie – the goggle is going to stay on your face. Yep, those are all really cool things but the big gem on this one is Snapshot. Absolutely, can’t forget about that. That’s what takes the Onset to the whole new level, now you’re getting Snapshot on this goggle. Yep, and Snapshot is like you’ve got your camera out in front of you and you want to go ahead and grab this, you grab that an it literally ejects the lense, pops out and is magnetic. You can switch lense from high-light to low-light visibility and boom, you’re right back in and ready to go. And every goggle comes with two lenses? Yeah, literally right in the bag. There’s this cool ergonomic protective case that’s neoprene that will slide into your pocket so you can have that low-light lense in here, you blew out there on a sunny day, had that all set up and then half way through the day you have to swtich, you saw just how easy it was. Hit the snapshot, boom, ejects the lense right out of there and grab the other one and just get it close and it locks right in there. Absolutely, and this is what we’ve talked about for a few years now, I love my Onsets but this what the Onset has been missing, that second lense. You don’t have to take two goggles to the hill anymore it’s all right there, throw that extra lense in your pocket and you’re ready to go. Yeah, like I said it’s as easy as the snapshot button, ejects the lense out, it’s magnetic and it drops right in and it’s fool-proof even on the chairlift which is nice. I am super excited for this goggle this year, Giro absolutely nailed it with this setup. You can check the Contact out on and John, thanks for joining us and thank you for joining us.

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  1. I`am sure that head shape of that man is specially designed for goggles it has a strap retainer and name john from Giro – and that is also not coincidence

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