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2016 Flow Alpha Binding Overview by SnowboardsDotCom

2016 Flow Alpha Binding Overview by SnowboardsDotCom

Hi there, welcome to the Morning Shred, brough to you by I’m Jenna, this is Tim from Flow and we’re going to talk about the Flow Alpha binding. Tim, who’s this binding for? This is for your entry-level rider right up to an intermediate, it’s a beautiful inexpensive binding. So show us a little bit about how it works. Sure. Flow is known for having a reclining highback so it’s much easier to get in and out of. Also, a one piece power strap across the top which is a lot more comfortable, conforms to your boot, breaks in really nicely. The Alpha here features some suspension underneath in the form of the rubber pads to give you a nice smooth ride as you’re going down the hill and then also it has forward lean adjustment on here. Forward lean is simply how far forward you want the highback, it’s adjustable by just turning this little knob right here. The ratchet buckles, you can tighten up on the hill no problem and they lock into place and stay there. The thing about a flow binding is once you set it and it breaks in, you just leave it. So pretty much the entry-level position to get yourself into a flow binding and get that convenience and spend less time strapping in and more time riding, right? Exactly. Great, well if you’re an entry to mid-level rider just looking for a basic convenience binding, make sure you take a look at the Flow Alpha binding on and thanks for watching.

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  1. Just ordered a pair after watching your video. I'm a beginner and live in Dubai (shipping from the US is nearly as much as the binding). Our indoor ski-slope is quite small so I'm constantly clipping in and out. This should save some time. Thanks

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