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2014 Giro Combyn Helmet Overview by SKIS.COM

2014 Giro Combyn Helmet Overview by SKIS.COM

Hey, I’m Rob with and I’m here with John our Giro rep. Thanks for joining us, John.
We’re here talking about a great new helmet for the 2013/2014 seasons from Giro. The Combyn. I actually own his helmet, I’ve used this helmet. Love this helmet. Huge fan. Lots of new things to talk about with this helmet. Where do we even start? You know, you’ve got to start right at the beginning that it’s game changing technology. And with Giro, we first launched and introduced something called In-Mold Technology a decade ago. But the commonplace for helmets has been hard shell. So, in-mold, super lightweight. Hard shell, not so lightweight but also really economical. This is the first ever soft shell technology helmet and when I saw soft shell, I mean literally it’s built on a soft shell platform which is revolutionary. Custom fit out of the box for every head shape like the first time I put it on I’m like, it’s kinda different, literally within seconds it changed to the shape of my head, I think you had the same experience.
Yes, very true. It really does. You can feel it kind of adjusting to you and you don’t get that weird, that hot spot, that you get in a lot of helmets, you know, after a long day it just stays comfortable all day long.
Yeah, no, that’s only half of the new story with soft shell. The other big part with soft shell is we’ve introduced a new technology called Vinyl Nitrile and if I could borrow that, Vinyl Nitrile is a proprietary material we’re using within our brand groups. And it’s not just the way the material’s laid up, it’s where it’s configured and how it’s configured and there’s two different densities. So, the big challenge, the big cost of progression, whether you’re freeride, park or big mountain, is you bang your head a lot. You catch an edge olling onto a box, whatever, and you just don’t stick it, boom, you’re down. So, number one, you blow off your helmet. Number two, hopefully, you don’t blow up your head. And so the whole focus with soft shell and Vinyl Nitrile is we can control the loads and the impacts at different levels. So that low energy, low speed dunk obviously is controlled by one component and again the big one where you just don’t make, you know, the gap or whatever or you don’t stick the line dropping into a chute actually is going to be controlled through another environment. So independent is the first, ever helmet that can control different energies, different loads, repeatedly. Which is very cool.
Very cool. Another cool feature with this, lots of venting here. Super Cool Vents from Giro.
Yep, you got Stack Vents on the front to help draw moisture and the dead air out of your goggle, import it out through the top of the helmet with the stack that’s on top, and then throughout the top, you know, again, if you’re riding hard, you’re going to build some heat, we’ve got Active Vents that just continually pour the energy right out. Another cool thing that I think on that venting scale people will like, it’s actually got a sub-liner built right into that you can fully remove and, as well as removing that, you can pull the neck roll out, you can even pull the goggle clip off of this helmet so you always beanie tie it so I think you wear a beanie on occasion. Pull all this stuff out, drop it right you, you’ve got your skullcandies rocking on the outside or you can use our audio kit on the inside. Combyn’s fully modular.
Yeah, and that’s one of the big things I like with this helmet is you talk about some of the technology and you immediately think, kind of, park kid but it’s a very versatile helmet, like you said, you can take everything out and be the beanie but anyone can wear this helmet. It’s not just that park kid, it’s really anybody. It’s such a versatile shape and style.
It was. The other thing that our athletes demanded out this through the R&D process is a low profile helmet. They just didn’t want that big you know dome on top of their head so low profile fit, fairly lightweight for the technology in the category but the whole story behind this is soft shell and Vinyl Nitrile builds a helmet that’s just bomb-proof. You can bang this thing through the trees, through the park, wherever you’re skiing on the mountain it’s going to come back for another punch.
Yeah, it’s huge. This is a great new design from Giro. Again, it’s the Combyn. Thanks, John for joining us. Again, I’m Rob from and Have a great day.

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  1. hi. i have a 58cm head size and at the moment i'm using a RED trace 2 helmet size M with no inside liner because a i wear beanie and googles under the helmet. I wanted to buy the giro combyn but i'm not sure if i should get a M or L pecause the removable foal seems much thinner than the one on the Trace 2. can u please give an advice? thanks in advance

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