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2012 Ride DH2 Snowboard Review

2012 Ride DH2 Snowboard Review

What’s up Leo here I just got off the 2012 Ride DH2 I’m going to give this board four out of five stars what I liked about it it’s super stable this board is a tank they’re going to advertise it as around a 7 flex but I’m going to give it a 9 flex on a ten scale what I really like about the DH2 this year is they changed it over to the hybrid pro rise this is going to have a camera section between the bindings and you are going to get a little bit of rocker out in the tips what this camber section is going to do for you is going to give you a lot of bite when you are doing those carves so short medium long no you’re not going to have any stability issues when you’re turning on this and the rocker lends to a little bit of playfulness not that you can get too playful with this thing but overall a very good board I only recommend this for an advanced all mountain rider

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  1. @snowboardsnet
    but does it float well in powder? just want to be sure because i want a stiff board that is stable at high speeds on the hardpack and floats decently in powder.

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