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2012 Libtech Skate Banana Snowboard Review

2012 Libtech Skate Banana Snowboard Review

Hi I’m David and this here flaming ball of hotness is the 2012 Libtech Skate Banana with bright orange Union Force Bindings Skate Banana I give 4 stars out of 5 it’s a full rocker with th Magna Traction which helps carve on the ice we get that a lot here in Michigan it’s pretty nice for that the rocker gives it a playful feel so comfortable in the park but also handles pretty well all mountain I would recommend it it could be useful to just about any snowboarder you know whether you want an all Mountain deck that’s got a little bit of a playful feel to it you can take it everywhere

2 thoughts on “2012 Libtech Skate Banana Snowboard Review”

  1. Beautiful ride. That is the identical setup i am wanting, same color and all, right down to the union bindings. What size i that? I am 6'2" and 185lbs. Size 11 boots, am considering going to 10s in a newer boot. I am flipping between 159w all the way down to 156 regular. Think i am settling on the 156? What say you?

  2. @airbornevet231 I'm 6'1" and im on a 154, Given that I weigh around 160 i would say you should get either a 156 or 154

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