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2012 Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard Review

2012 Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard Review

What’s up Leo here just got off the 2012 Burton Custom Flying V in a 156 I’m going to give this board a 3 and a 1/2 stars out of 5 what I liked about this board it’s very fast and I’m a pretty big fan of Burtons Flying V Rocker profile what it has is a camber section under the binding and then there is rocker between and on the tips on this particular model which I didnt enjoy too much was it has a more pronouced Rocker section in the middle than the rest of there FLying V cambers but overall for handeling, handeling wise it’s pretty good short carves its a little slugish but its great on medium and long carves holds it edge and its very responsive it has good pop also load up the tail or tip and off you go I would reccomend this board for an all mountian freestlye rider who wants to take it anywhere like you can make a run through the park or you can just bomb down the mountian make some butters and also I do reccomend these Rescricted Malavitas with this board its a great combo great binding overall good board!

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