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19 • 雪祭り (Snow Festival)

19 • 雪祭り (Snow Festival)

– Isn’t it a little close? Today, we’re going to Koiwai Farms! We’re going to the Morioka Snow Festival! I’ll looking forward to it! And today, my friends are with me! – I’m Nami! – I’m Pauline from France! – I’m Lena. – I’m from Russia. We just arrived! – What are you doing? – Look! Look! – What? You’re taking a picture?! – Look, look! It got warm, right? I’m so excited! – ♪ So excited! ♪ Okay! – I’m excited for takoyaki! – Olaf? Are you there? – I wonder if he’s there? – Everyone! Thank you! [SNOW FESTIVAL] Oh! Sweet! – Awesome! – Nami, you’re always doing that!! She’s has a point, you know! – Shakey Shakey Potatoes. – You put the powder in and shakey-shake it up. – You shakey-shake it? After that, we rode the bobsleds, but I wasn’t allowed to take videos and it started raining and snowing A TON, so I wasn’t able to take any more video. So that means, this week’s video IS OVER!!! As usual, thanks for watching! I’m looking forward to next week’s video! Follow me online, and share me with your friends, please! Well . . . Kaybye!

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