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1500 Degree Hot Ice Skates vs. Ice Block

1500 Degree Hot Ice Skates vs. Ice Block

– It’s gettin’ hot in here. – Let’s talk about that. (fun theme music) (fire blazing) Good Mythical Morning. – For the last couple of months
something very hot has been circulating across the internet. I’m talkin’ about hot knives. Now my son Lincoln asked me recently. “Dad, why haven’t you done hot knives,” – Mhm. – “On GMM?” – Right.
– And I said, “Lincoln, first of all, do you
think it’s a good idea for me “to be handling a knife? “Much less, a hot knife on my show?” – Right. Not a great idea. But what might be a good idea
is if instead of heatin’ up knives, we heat up other
stuff, how ’bout dat internet? It’s time for If You Thought Hot Knives Were
Cool, How ‘Bout Other Stuff That’s Hot, is That Cool? Now when I saw these hot
knife videos the first thing I wanted to see cut was cheese. And then I thought, what tool
is most often used to cut cheese besides my butt? A cheese grater. – That’s right, we’re gonna
make some cheesy nachos. – Okay, now, based on past
experience we’re not letting Link handle anything that makes
heat or is very sharp. (laughs) So we’re gonna let him hold the cheese. – (laughing) Yeah. – That could be like a euphemism
for like, “Just let Link “hold the cheese.” – I mean, what could go wrong,
I’m just holding cheese. (blow torch blazing) Superheat it, brother. – Whoa. – It’s melting. Alright, we’re good. I think.
– There we go. Grate it!
– Bring it over. (sizzling)
(laughs) – [Rhett] Oh, push it Link. Push it. – I’m pushin’. Move it around, man, we need
to get all of these chips. We gotta cheese the chips, man. – [Rhett] Now it’s just a warm cheese grater.
– Oh, man. It smelled kinda burnt immediately. – Now that’s a Velveeta chunk
so it’s just melting as it falls through there. – Now, you could reheat at
this point and keep going but I’m ready to dig in. – Now, we did a little research
on this and it turns out that when you superheat
aluminum it releases a lot of toxins. (blowing)
So you… (laughs) You definitely do not
want to consume this. I waited to time that perfectly when it was in your mouth
– Thank you. – Because, the toxicity can
induce some inhibition of enzyme activity and protein synthesis. So if that begins to happen
I will be the first one to let you know. – (choking) How my enzymes feel inhibited. (laughs) A coat hanger. That’s right, we are gonna
superheat this coat hanger and then hang a shirt on it. – Because why not? – I don’t know. Let’s heat ’em up! (blow torches blazing) Keep going, keep going,
keep going, don’t stop. – You be the blower, Link. – We got some tape on here,
it’s catching on fire. (blow torches blazing) It’s lookin’ pretty red hot. – [Rhett] Couple more seconds. – Rhett, go down a little bit. Alright Rhett, bring it up now. – [Rhett] Alright, ready? – Three, two, one. (laughing) – [Crew Member] Oh! – [Rhett] Okay. Well. – I didn’t get it all
the way on there but it caught on fire. (blowing) I’ll wear that later. (whooshing)
– Scissors. Now I’ve always thought if
we opened up a hair salon we should call it Hot Scissors. But I never thought that
we should actually have hot scissors until right now. – Maybe it’s a good idea. – I know that cutting
hair is a dream of yours. – Yeah. – And so we’re gonna go on a
limb and make an exception. You get to hold the hot scissors. – Thank you, Rhett. – Yeah. Now be very careful. – I also got an extra sleeve
if you wanna get in that. – (laughs) No, I’m good. Alright, let’s bring in
the blow torchers and heat these scissors up. (blow torches blazing) – Three, two, one. – Alright, superheated. – Welcome to Hot Scissors, lady. – [Link] Woo! – Whoa, whoa! It’s comin’ right off. – Yeah it is. You looking good, girl. – [Rhett] These are
extensions aren’t they? – Oh, look. Just grab a big hunk and
then just don’t even cut. Just push. (crew laughs)
– Oh. Oh, wow
– Look at this. – Welcome to Hot Scissors
where it’s a breeze to… – Oh it stinks! – Cut your weave. This is not real hair. – Oh my goodness. You can just push through it like… – We should have masks on. Oh look, she’s got a nice little… – She’s got a bob. – Now the ends, they’re definitely… Okay. (crew laughs) Alright. – It’s all mobile. – She doesn’t have any split ends anymore. – She’s got some burn ends. – Some burnt ends. – [Link] Kinda like barbecue (laughs). Oh yeah.
– Let me see if I can just get in here and get a little bit. – Yeah, you look good. – Okay. I wanna release
– She’s lookin’ at you. – Release that bang a little bit. (laughing) – Release the bang. – Just release the bang. You need to let your
bangs release a little. – It was really pleasurable how
it just kind of went through it without even having to cut.
– Pleasurable may be too strong of a word. – Selfie! Get in, Rhett. – You’re puttin’ the
freakin’ scissors in… – Oh. – Right, again, you put the
freakin’ hot scissors right next and said, “Get in for a selfie.” (laughing) – Listen, you’ve still got hot scissors! Alright, give ’em back to me. – Selfie! Just me. (whooshing)
Ice skates. Okay, I got on my ice skates. I’m in a compromised position. – Yeah! – And we’ve got an ice block down here. My blades are gonna be heated. Superheated. And then I’m gonna stand,
super-stand, on this ice block. Let’s see what happens. – Alright, let’s bring in the fire squad. Guys, get in position. – [Link] Oh, goodness. – We’re going eight handed on this one. – Oh my word. – Fire in the hole! (laughs)
(blow torches blazing) That’s exciting! Now, your feet are gonna be
on fire a little bit, Link. That is just the fire retardant
material catching on fire. – Oh, we got some flames on my foot! Blow it! – Are your feet hot? – No. Blow it! (blow torches blazing) Theirs isn’t lighting on fire. It’s the left foot. Oh it’s burnin’ on. Woo! My feet stink. Now my feet are starting
to get a little warm. Is that normal? – Yeah! – Blow it! Blow it! (laughs) – You’re like a king, man. (laughs) – This one’s starting to get warm. – You’re like a king that
gets his ice skates heated. – Get those flames back. Keep the flames back. The more the flames come it starts… This one not warm at all. To my feet, I mean. Well it is a little bit. – [Rhett] How are we doin’, man? – [Crew Member] We’re good, Rhett. – Yeah, we’re red hot. – [Crew Member] Good. – Alright. Three, two, one. Clear! Alright. Get ’em out. (sizzling) – [Link] (grunting) Okay. I’m goin’ up. – Whoa! – Alright. Oh it stinks! – Your left foot is
smokin’ and stinks so bad. (crew laughs) Oh, gosh. (coughing)
I think I’m gonna be sick. Welcome to the ice skating rink, kids.
– My foot. My foot’s warm! – Alright. – Ah I got a warm foot. – You ready to take this
to the ice skating rink down the street? – I don’t know. – You’ll be the hottest one there. (gagging)
(coughing) Gosh, it stinks so bad. – My foot’s on fire. Blow it, blow it, Mike! Blow the foot! (laughs) – Okay. You okay? You good, you good? – I think so, yeah. – Alright, we’ll see ya later. (sizzling) – Thanks for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. You know what time it is. – Hello, I’m Felik from
the Ice Hotel in Sweden and it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. – If your favorite hot
thing is a hot liquid, well, you should put that hot
liquid in a Mythical Mug. Available at store.
Store. And click through to Good Mythical More. We’re gonna do the hot
knife sandwich challenge. – Oh, I can’t get it off ’cause of this. Gifticality! That means we’re donating
$1,000 to the American Refugee Committee to help them in their
mission to provide refugees with health, education, shelter,
and protection services. Join us in giving at – Thank you for being your mythical best. – [Rhett] Click on the left
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being your mythical best.

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  1. It says do not attempt, like how many people would have 4 friends, 8 blowtorches, a pair of ice skates and a massive block of ice

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