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102 Metres Underwater: Brit Breaks UK Freediving Record

102 Metres Underwater: Brit Breaks UK Freediving Record

START MICHAEL: On the ascent um, I was just thinking, I’m happy I’ve achieved it. I was just thinking
swim calmly, calm and strong. COMM: A former Royal Marine Commando has become the first Britain to free dive to a depth
of 102 metres. COMM: Forty-two year old Michael Board broke the previous UK record of 96 metres and the
Free diving World Championships in the Constant Weight With Fins category this November. COMM: This year’s competition took place in the world’s deepest know vertical cave Dean’s
Blue Hole, off the coast of Long Island in the Bahamas. COMM: Unlike scuba divers, free divers enter the water without air tanks, regulators and
hoses, and swim the various depths relying entirely on the air held in their lungs. COMM: The ex-commando broke the UK twice in quick succession, achieving a depth of 100
metres taking his two minutes and fifty four seconds to dive down and re-surface. COMM: A few days later he extended the record by a further two metres in a time of three
minutes and two seconds. MICHAEL: I’d pretty much achieved what I wanted to do, the 100 metres was the round number
and what I’d been working on for a year. And anything after that for me was a bonus. But
I was feeling strong, I’d come up very clear from the 100 metre dive and I knewI could
push it a bit further. COMM: But the competition ended in tragedy, after American diver Nicholas Mevoli died
after losing consciousness in the Constant No Fins category. The competition was cancelled
as the community mourned Mevoli’s death. MICHAEL: The accident has overshadowed the whole competition now, and we’re small community
of competitive free divers, it’s something that’s hit everyone really hard, we all knew
him uh, he was one of the real characters, the gentleman of the sport, and so to see
things unfold the way they did was shocking and um, and tragic. END

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  1. 102 Metres Underwater: Brit Breaks UK Freediving Recordย 
    FORMER Royal Marine Commando Michael Board became the first Brit to freedive to a depth of 102m this week. The ex-Green Beret was competing at the Suunto Vertical Blue free diving championships in the Bahamas and had already posted a 100m dive earlier in the competition to smash the UK record. However, his celebrations were cut short by the death of fellow free diver Nicholas Mevoli later in the same session. The 32-year-old American died after losing consciousness shortly after leaving the water following an attempted 72m dive

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  2. there where a man coming at my school we had to have in class and he also freedive 102m and hes from denmark his name i think is mads mikkelsen i think

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