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1000HP Audi RS6 DTM (ex-Jon Olsson) activates scooter alarms in Amsterdam – by Autovisie TV

1000HP Audi RS6 DTM (ex-Jon Olsson) activates scooter alarms in Amsterdam – by Autovisie TV

It seems like an Audi. But it isn’t. The average Audi doesn’t do this. This is an RS6. And an RS6, that’s fun of course. 580 horsepower, almost 600. Pretty nice. But that isn’t it either. This is the car of Jon Olsson. And Jon Olsson is freestyle skier. But not only that, he’s also a guy who loves attention. Can I ask what engine it has? It has an 8 cylinder with two turbo’s. And almost 1000 horsepower That’s decent. Sorry i was interested. He does this with really extraordinary cars. Maybe you know him from a Lamborghini with a ski suitcase on the roof. He has had everything. And this was his last project. This car is in Dutch hands. It is an Audi RS6. Looks like an DTM Audi. Has turbo’s where the inside is golden. Not joking, 18 carat gold. Furthermore there has been done a lot to this car. And then you end up with… 950 horsepower. Unless you fuel it with 105 octane fuel Then it exceeds 1000 horsepower. I can’t keep all of that to myself. Let’s see what my twitter followers think of it. Let’s go to Dam square in Amsterdam. I ask everyone to come and have a look. I traveled 1.5 hours to see this car. Really? 1.5 hours? What do you think of it? Yeah it looks pretty. Jesus Christ (phthisis). This is extraordinairy guys. That was 0-100 in about 2 seconds 0-200 in about 7 seconds. And that sound!! This is the car that sounds the wildest. And, this is definentlty the fastest car of this year. Jesus Christ what a machine.

100 thoughts on “1000HP Audi RS6 DTM (ex-Jon Olsson) activates scooter alarms in Amsterdam – by Autovisie TV”

  1. hahah in germany, the police men would take you car and spit in your face and let it picking up with a truck. i luv netherland

  2. Cop in USA in a Dodge Charger SRT–pull over I am jealous–and here are 3 tickets–exhaust too loud–car too low–license plate violation

  3. Bei 200 auf einer niederländischen Landstrasse ist der Lappen normalerweise auf Lebenszeit weg und für Ausländer geht das weit ins Fünfstellige, mit Konfeszierung des Fahrzeugss. Sollte man nicht nachmachen.

  4. why is filmaker on dope while working… fast changign videos of irrelewant stuff with blur on only thing I'm here for and that is car for fuck sake… FU

  5. такие затупы между переключением передач, антилаг очень долгий…(

  6. Absolutely ridiculously… Amazing car, the only thing I would do to make it perfect is stance out the wheels so they are flush or just past the widened arches. Having the rear wheels tucked under the arches doesn't look right. What's up with the gear changes? Doesn't sound right.

  7. For all those who wants this car u wont have enough money to fuel it lol. That must be spitting out fuel as it gets fueled up.

  8. I have a Subaru stock that sets off even car alarms and it’s only 350hp
    Proof u don’t need a fancy 1000hp car to have fun??

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