10 Swimming hacks for a more enjoyable time at the swimming pool

Here are 10 swimming hacks you can use to
have a better experience in the pool. 1- Getting water out of you ear can be tricky. a safe way of dealing with the problem is
using gravity to help you out. Oh and don’t put anything inside your ear,
that can be dangerous. 2- Foggy goggles are the most common problem
in swimming. Anti-fog liquids are usually not very effective. Here is what many swimmers do to get rid of
that problem. You can also use water from the pool if you
find that less disgusting. 3- Another useful tip if you have foggy goggle
problems. Which you almost certainly have, is to buy
clear colored goggles if you swim inside. 4- If you swim outside however, you problem
might be that there is too much sunlight. To protect your eyes, you can use the equivalent
of sunglasses but for the pool. Mirror goggles. 5- Here is a nice way of putting a swim cap
if you have long hair. 6- here is the proper way of putting a swim
cap if you have short hair. For alternative more fun ways, check out this
video. Did you see what I did there? I had water in my ear! 7- If you want to swim backstroke and do underwater
kick without letting air out of your nose, some of us have a genetic predisposition of
a backstroke upper lip. If you can do this you can block the water
coming into your nose. 8- If you have not been genetically blessed
like this, you can always buy a nose clip. They are not expensive. I’ll put a link in the description if you
want to buy one. 9- have you ever had a foot cramp? use the wall to stretch out the cramp muscles
or you can ask someone to help you out. 10- If you ever feel to tired to breathe and
the water is too hot, go ahead and climb out and sit on the edge, the air is fresher and
you will feel it immediately. If you have another swimming hack or swimming
problem, make sure to leave us a comment. If you want to buy a swim cap like the ones
we used in this video click here. See you next time! Swim fast!

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